Monday, September 26, 2011

What's New? Not Much.

But maybe that's a good thing!

After some very busy times, we're slowing down a bit.  Well, wait a minute. That's not exactly true.

Last Friday I picked up the kids at school for early release 
Friday and we had a good time playing here until Jill picked them up.  On Saturday we attended Isaac's soccer game, and then we all went to the Puyallup Fair, which, for those of you who are not local, is our state fair.  It was hot and muggy and very crowded on the next to the last day.  Jill and the kids had been there already, so we just did the things they missed the first time.  We had free tickets for all but one, so leaving after about four and a half hours was fine with us.  We had fun while we were there.

Saturday evening Tom and I settled in front of the TV to watch a Sounders match vs Vancouver BC, one of our PNW rivals.  The Sounders were victorious and were awarded the Cascadia Cup, a fan based award for competition between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.  

Yesterday, I got in my 3.5 mile walk in the morning, and sort of watched football.  The Seahawks finally won one.  I'm finding football to be kind of slow after watching soccer, but it means there is plenty of time to read the paper, read blogs, and putter while watching.

Today it has been raining steady.  While we may hit 70 again later this week, summer is definitely over.  I got on my stationary bike for the first time since last spring and did ten miles/47 minutes.  I have stalled in my weight loss and really want to get back on track.  Exercise is an important part of that.

I also spent quite a bit of time in thrift stores today and the fabric store, working on a pirate costume for Isaac.  I bought some pieces and will be sewing the rest.  I'm also working on some doll clothes for Irene's American Girl doll.

And trip planning goes on.  I got in a couple of hours of reading tour guides and mapping out routes.

Yep.  Not much new.  Just the same old busy, busy, busy!


  1. I love activity for a while but am always glad when I can get back to my normal routine. Too much activity and I get very tired.

  2. It sounds like you are still staying as busy as ever. And I did think of you when I saw the Sounders won that award!

  3. I haven't been to the Puyallup fair since my kids left home. I'll bet you were tired.

  4. hmmm. I find soccer much slower than football. Glad you have had a lot of interesting and creative things going on. Anxious to see the pirate costume.

  5. you always keep busy, especially with family living so close...enjoy each moment. We off this week to Santa visit my oldest son and family.

  6. Its good to be busy, but nice to relax too - Dave

  7. 3.5 miles? Wow! I am really so in awe of you, Linda. You are looking so fabulous!!!


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