Friday, September 23, 2011


 As all of my regular readers are well aware, we love soccer.  Tom and I are season ticket holders for the Seattle Sounders FC.  Son Jake has been a season ticket holder since the start up three years ago.  He sits here, in the Emerald City Supporters (ECS) section.

See that big black flag with the diagonal stripes.  I sewed a new pole sleeve for that one a couple of weeks ago.  Jake is flag manager for ECS.  Flags like this are fondly referred to as BFF's - Big F****n Flags. :-)

Now that Jill and the kids are living here, they go to some of the Sounders games too, but more importantly, the kids PLAY soccer.  Yes, after many years of being a 'soccer mom', I am now a 'soccer grandma'.  Jill got the kids registered to play youth soccer as soon as she could after the big move.  Action started right after Labor Day.  Now she and the kids have either soccer practice or a game every day of the week except Sunday!

Isaac is an experienced player.  He's played in Colorado, and has a game going every recess at school.  Last Saturday was his first game as a Yellow-jacket.

Game over.  Cheer for the other team.  They need the boost, since the Yellow-jackets won something like 10 -2.  We sort of lost count.  Isaac scored twice.
Now, Princess Irene is another story.  She "played" last year, but is much more interested in the apparel and accessories.  She wasn't at all sure about actually playing. 
 She's got pink soccer shoes, of course.
 Starting out on the 'bench' was fine with her.
Once she took the field, it took a while for her to get into it, especially when she heard the ice cream truck pull into the parking lot.  Oh, no.  You see, Irene didn't have good humor trucks in Fort Morgan, Co, and here she's only been able to take advantage of them once, on Whidbey Island.  She has been terribly frustrated at hearing them in our neighborhood, but never being in the right place at the right time.

Of course no one could stop playing to buy a frozen treat, but she wanted to, and was reduced to tears on the field at another missed opportunity.
 But she recovered.
 There was an injury time out.  Little girls are very sympathetic to another's tears.
 Back to the action, Irene is getting into it!
 Is that a smile?!!
 Wow! She's been practicing her high kick!
More time on the bench, to contemplate grass.  It is a lovely green field they get to play on.
 You go, girl!
Game over.  Time to learn the cheering part.  Fun!  They play three on a side, so the teams are small.  What a great way to learn.
So how did you like soccer, Irene? 

"It was good!"


  1. The first 2 facial expressions on the princess are definitely: A picture is worth a 1000 words. But both kids are adorable.~Mary

  2. too funny, I'm a soccer grandma too. had four sons in soccer but now I live too far away. Looks like fun!

  3. You really do have the most gorgeous grandchildren, Linda. It's fascinating to watch them grow up. I'm so glad they can be with you now.

  4. hmmm, being unathletic, I would have preferred the ice cream cone, myself.

  5. They are such beautiful people, Linda. I know you are just thrilled to have them there all year long, but you know, I am too! They are such interesting subjects for your camera AND your blog!

  6. Wow, those grandkids are growing tall and it seems like it was all at once. I enjoyed the soccer scenario and the pics, too.

  7. Great action shots of both kids playing soccer Linda - Dave

  8. I LOVE Irene's end of the world face, Hope is only 2 but has already mastered a similar look

    wonderful action shots, I went through the post a few times - it all makes me smile

  9. It is good exercise and much better for them than TV and video games. I remember being a soccer mom but my boy were never really into it.

  10. How wonderful that your grandchildren are playing soccer. I loved the time all three of my children played, so many happy memories indeed. I do remember my daughter being more interested in what others were wearing and chatting then playing the game! Soccer is a wonderful sport for everyone. Congrats to your grandchildren on their games!


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