Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Peas In September

Because of our cold spring and early summer, my sweet peas just didn't grow.  Finally, in August, I got my first few blooms.  Then half of the vines promptly dried up in the sudden heat.  But a few vines are still green and healthy, way past the time that they have usually all shriveled up.  It's wonderful to have a small, sweet smelling little bunch of beauty to perfume my house.

More typical of late summer are the zinnias and asters that are now in abundant supply to pick for long lasting bouquets for the kitchen table.  I love the riot of shocking color combinations they provide.

It's cloudy this morning, but warm, and I got my three plus mile walk in fairly early.  While walking I was thinking about what to fix for dinner, and decided we needed some beets to go with the pork chops I had taken out of the freezer.

The beets and carrots apparently have enjoyed the unusual summer weather, because we are getting some lovely treasures from under the soil.  We'll enjoy both the beets and the beet greens for dinner.

The zucchini and beans are about done, but a few cucumbers are still being produced.  As the sun gets lower in the sky, our garden plot gets less and less sun.

Over on the west side of the garage, the tomatoes are finally producing lots of ripe fruit.
 We have fresh sliced tomatoes for dinner every day now.  There's nothing quite like home grown tomatoes.
The little brown ones are chocolate tomatoes, from the Chocolate Flower Farm in Langley on Whidbey Island.  They are mild tasting, but no, they do not taste like chocolate.  They're just brown.  Kinda' fun, though.


  1. I love homegrown tomatoes--we gave up on growing them here-too hot. It's definitely fall here too with a touch of coolness in our normally hot days

  2. Everything looks scrmptious/beautiful! We had a very bad tomato year. Out of four plants we got maybe 3 regular sized tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes did a bit better.

    Next year I'm planting many more zinnias. I love them!

  3. Your garden sounds like mine. Hoping we have another couple weeks for most of the tomatoes to ripen.

    Love your sweet peas!

  4. Glad your gardening was so successful, Linda. Here in Hawaii, there are too many slugs and I hate the thought of picking them up from my plants and soil. This Sunday, we will do some maintenance work in the yard if it doesn't rain.

  5. Gorgeous flowers and the veggies look delicious! Definitely worth the wait! Superb captures as always, Linda! Hope your week is going well!


  6. Such pretty bouquets. The veggies look good too.

  7. Your flowers and veggies are just wonderful, Linda. And beautiful, too. I suspect they tasted just as good as they looked! L0(

  8. I'm always so amazed at what comes out of your garden. Those sweet peas are fantastic!


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