Monday, April 28, 2014

Whidbey Island Stopover

After touring the tulips last Tuesday, we drove across to the north end of Whidbey Island and then down island to the family cabin on Sunlight Beach.
The clouds were dark over Deer Lagoon and rain was on the way.
 By Wednesday morning the rain had passed and we were surprised to have a mostly clear, though very windy and cold day. We bundled up and went to work in the front garden.
This was the first time we had been up since early December and the weeds had gotten way ahead of us.  I hadn't dared to come up earlier because I knew it would be hard to resist pulling weeds and my back needed time to heal. As it was I did more that I should have.  My back seems OK but my legs and hips are still sore.
 The garden is looking good again though.

 I didn't spend much time over on the Useless Bay side of the road with the cold wind blowing.  We did see a few kite surfers taking advantage of the conditions.

With the hard work done by 1:00, we did some reorganizing of clutter inside the cabin and went over to Langley for a look around. We checked out the new Whale Center.

While Tom did some more work outside back at the cabin, I went for a walk on the dike along the lagoon.

 The Scotch Broom is beginning to bloom as well as seedling apple trees. 

Thursday morning the wind had calmed down a bit.

We paid a visit to the Bayview Farm and Garden Store and Nursery.  

 Later that afternoon we sailed across the Sound to Seattle and back home.
We won't wait so long to return to Whidbey Island next time.


  1. The garden looks beautiful... I love your island get-away... Michelle

  2. Linda, do you realize what a fortunate woman you are to live around such beauty? Thank you for sharing these photos with those of us still dreaming of warm days and flowers. The top few photos looked like paintings. As does the one of the deserted beach toward the bottom of the post.

  3. Ah, i do miss Whidbey - always a favorite of mine!! Love your colorful and beautiful photos, Linda!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Have a great week!!

  4. Cabins are very nice but an awful lot of work. You have a colorful yard out there.

  5. Cabins are very nice but an awful lot of work. You have a colorful yard out there.

  6. Looks like a fun and productive day! Glad to hear that you continue to heal and were able to get back into the garden. Please be careful!

  7. What an incredible place! You're so lucky to have that wonderful place to visit all the time, Linda. The garden looks amazing and I love the panoramic shot.

  8. What a spectacular view! I know you love to garden, but keeping up beautiful gardens at two houses is a BIG job!

  9. Nice to see the collection of pictures. Also like the wordings kept
    in front as "Blossom where you are".
    Wonderful flowers!
    I enjoyed all your post and i am a follower of your blog. I would like you to have a visit of mine and be a follower of it!

  10. Your garden is delightful. Puts my efforts to shame.

  11. Lovely shots, the ones I could see.

  12. As always, your pictures tell of a wonderful place on Whidbey Island. You are certainly well on the way to complete healing, to be doing all that work. The garden is so lovely. :-)

  13. I am waiting for the first daffodil to pop open, but the grass has turned green.

  14. I keep forgetting you have two gardens to tend. You all do such a marvelous job.
    I just love that Thurs morning pic.


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