Monday, August 21, 2017

An Eclipsed Eclipse

We decided not to go far afield to view the solar eclipse in totality. Seattle was in the 92% range, so we stayed home and set up in the yard where the sun was shining out of a clear blue sky. 
 We had our eclipse glasses and I was wearing my Zia sun shirt. 

I had tried setting up cameras to photograph the stages of the sun's eclipse, but I did not have the right set up of cameras and lenses.
My cameras couldn't focus with so much light from the sun, even when it was half covered by the moon.
So I resorted to a less technological method. 

As the eclipse neared totality, the light dimmed and it got cold, at least ten degrees cooler. It did not get as dark as I thought it would. The light reminded us of what it was like a couple of weeks ago when it was so smokey from BC fires. 

We were sitting out in the garden, and bees had been buzzing all around us in the flowers and shrubs. As it got colder and less light, the bees disappeared. 

Meanwhile, in John Day, Oregon, a small town in east central Oregon, Jill and the kids had set up camp on Saturday in a field where the town rented out camping spaces for a reasonable fee. By Sunday they were joined by a lot more campers. 

 They had a great time on Sunday, floating the John Day River, and finding all of the lemonade and snow cone and bake sale stands in the neighborhoods. They also had access to telescopes. 

 We got text reports from them during the big event, where they were in the path of totality. 

It was fun getting their reports. They actually saw the shadow of the moon cross the sky.

Now the sun is back, having been restored to wholeness at 11:40. 
And the bees are back to buzzing too. 


  1. I was surprised how Bob was so interested. He had a great time . Like you, I thought it would be darker but it was still a neat experience. In Texas Susan asked me to send 30 pair of glasses so the people she works with could go on the roof and watch. Not sure what they saw but they had a good time.

  2. Interesting day, we had clouds that covered most of it. Here where it's never!

  3. I thought it seemed kind of like late afternoon light, but with the sun coming from the wrong direction. I noticed it got very quiet. I tried taking a picture with my point and shoot, covering the lens with one of the lenses of my eclipse glasses, but it turned out much like yours.

  4. I also thought here in Bellingham, where we had 88% of the sun obscured, that it would be darker. It was fun, though, to see all the people out in the street looking with their glasses and other devices. :-)

  5. I thought things would be darker and I've lived through an eclipse or two. maybe the last eclipse I was in was at a greater per cent.

  6. It was fun to watch and know so many others around the nation were doing the same thing.

  7. We live in the path of totality here in Missouri. I had seen partial solar eclipses before but never one at 100% totality. It was an amazing experience! I tried taking photos as well but did not have the correct equipment.

  8. Cool! It is such a huge event, put on by the heavens in a big time way.

  9. We saw only about 60% coverage here, but it was cause for excitement all the same. The local library handed out the glasses and there was a huge crowd gathered on the green behind the library where there were activities for kids and refreshments being served.

  10. We live in the Seattle area, too. For me far more interesting than trying to view the sun was experiencing the effects. I was hanging out the wash as it started - the light got less bright looking the other way from the sun yet the sky was very blue and when I went inside the house it got really dark in there! Even though you could tell it was day and there was sunshine outside it was almost surreal to be so dark inside.

    1. I was also struck by how dark it was inside the house. And all the while the sky remained blue overhead. since then I have seen pics of the moon shadow over the earth from space and it all makes more sense.

  11. The most exciting part for me was the cool crescent-shaped shadows cast through the trees. What an interesting event to experience!

  12. I just knew you all would be prepared for the eclipse. It really was exciting. Looks like Jill and the children were in the perfect spot.

  13. Interesting day, we had clouds that covered most of it. Here where it's never!


  14. The kids were smart with the the chaise lounge. I got a nasty crick in my neck for a straight back chair. Lesson learned if I am still around for the one that will go right over my house in 2024.


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