Thursday, August 17, 2017

Part 4: Cheese

Two places that we always visit while staying at the Rockaway Beach cabin are in nearby Tillamook.

The Blue Heron Cheese Company used to make cheese on site - French brie cheese. They still sell brie under their own label, but it is made somewhere else.

 You can taste cheese, wine, and many other local products at the Blue Heron, and we do, once we get inside, but first we have to visit the petting farm. 

 Well, at least I'm on the front end. 

It appears that I did not take any photos of all of the goodies inside, where we thoroughly browsed the samples and the gift shop, and came away with chocolate truffles, among other things. 

Then it was on to the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory, only this year we had to settle for a temporary visitor's center, while the old one has been torn down to be replaced by a larger visitor facility. This is one of the most popular tourist stops on the Oregon coast. That meant we couldn't actually watch cheese being made, like we usually do. However, they did have a fun dairy exhibit. 

 You can still sit in the Cheese Bus.

 And, of course, you can still get ice cream!

Here's mine - Oregon hazelnut salted caramel hot fudge sundae!
Jill even bought cheese!
I do have to add, with all of this caloric eating, that we did also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinners cooked at the cabin. Really. I promise. 


  1. How fun . . . I am going to remember this post. What a great place to visit, especially when we have the granddaughters with us. I love the Oregon coast . . . but then anyone that has ever been there falls in love with it, right . . . I am among good company, LOL. Gotta' love that cheese loaf bus!
    Have a great week.
    Connie :)

  2. Ice cream looks yummy. And it's a vocation so calories don't count.

  3. What a neat place to visit! And that hazelnut salted caramel hot fudge sundae looks and sounds wonderful...

  4. I'd enjoy ice cream just as much as the three in your last photo. No wonder this is such a popular tourist area.

  5. We've visited the cheese factory in Tillamook many times through the years, with the family and later with friends. Our kids favourite memory of the one trip involved a pail of Tillamook ice cream and 6 plastic teaspoons!! Yes... we managed to finish it.

  6. Ice cream is always cheese too.

  7. Apple fritters for breakfast, candy and ice cream for a snack, more ice cream and cheese for dinner. What's that silly talk about fruit and vegetables? I'm certain that no one joked about cutting the cheese in Tillamook.

  8. Yum, your flavor of ice cream looks awfully good to me. I like that picture of you wearing ears. :-)

  9. Loved the cute pic of you in the donkey's face. You know, your grands could easily be models. Besides good looks, they always seen to get into each photo.

  10. The ice cream looks awesome. My sister in law brings us huge bricks of Tillamook Cheese every month when they visit, nothing better!! :)


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