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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vancouver, BC Part 2: Queen Elizabeth Park, The Bloedel Conservatory

It has been quite a few years since we visited this beautiful city, but we still have favorite places we return to. Most of them are gardens, of course. 

Queen Elizabeth park is one of those places. The formal garden is exquisite, and the large conservatory is wonderful. 

 The view north toward downtown Vancouver from the conservatory plaza. 
 I would imagine a lot of wedding photos are taken here in this park. 
 Inside the conservatory is a tropical paradise. 

 Exotic birds were everywhere. Some were nesting above.


  1. Since tropical stuff is so different , it's very interesting to see.

  2. We've only been to Vancouver once, and didn't go to the conservatory, so I really appreciated seeing your photos. You know how much I love tropical plants. This gives me a really good reason to go back again.

  3. how interesting would like to visit that area...

  4. Next time I go to Vancouver I will have to visit this beautiful place. :-)

  5. Looks like you all had a good time. Beautiful colorful photos, Linda.

  6. It's been years since we visited Q.E. Park. Looks lovelier than ever!

  7. Wow, that conservatory really drops you right into the middle of the tropics. What a treat--birds included.

  8. The conservatory is awesome! I wonder how they keep the birds from chomping on the plants as they're known to be both beautiful and destructive little buggers. Were the Washington Bloedels the benefactors of this conservatory?

      Yes. After selling the timber company he moved to Bainbridge island and began gardening Bloedel reserve there.
      Google knows everything.

  9. What pretty birds even if they are a tad messy:)

  10. I'm just loving all your photos. They all bring back wonderful memories.


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