Friday, August 25, 2017

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Part 1

We got back home Thursday evening after a fast and fun-filled 36 hour road trip north to Vancouver, BC. 

It was just Sunday evening, after attending a Sounders match at the stadium in Seattle, that we realized there was a mid-week game in Vancouver against our rival White Caps. Tom casually mentioned "Wanta' go?"

So Monday, my brain churning with the idea, I first checked to see if there was a Best Western Hotel near the stadium. Yes. Then I checked to see if we had enough BW Rewards points to get a free night at this pricey hotel. Yes!  All right then!

I went on line but it was too late to get tickets through our supporter group, so I went to Ticketmaster, and ended up buying two resale tickets. We were set. Except - after the fact, I discovered that the tickets were in the White Cap supporter section. I tried to change them, but couldn't,  so we planned to go low key - no Rave Green. 

We left the house at 9:00 Wednesday morning. The border crossing was slow. 

We arrived at a Subway sandwich shop in Vancouver, near Queen Elizabeth Park, our first planned tourist stop, at about 1:00.

We visited two gardens before arriving at our hotel. Here's the view from the balcony of our 15th floor room. 

 We got some early dinner at the cafe at the hotel and then walked about a mile to the stadium.
 We had a half hour to sit and watch people. After seeing several other Sounders fans sitting in a nearby section, I got my scarf out of my bag, and one for Tom, and we subtly supported our team.....

 ......surrounded by White Caps fans. 
 It was a good game, ending in a 1-1 tie. We revealed ourselves to people around us and they were kind and accepting of us, once they wondered how we "got in there". I think it helps to be old.  We even had some nice conversations. 

After the match, we joined the throngs walking back into the city. We stopped off at a Dairy Queen on the route for mini-hot fudge sundaes. 

It was all good.

I have lots more photos. We visited three gardens, a museum, and the famous market on Granville Island.

Stand by.  


  1. All that walking makes an opportunity for ice cream!

  2. Ah, those polite Canadians. Sounds like such a fun, spur-of-the-moment trip, the best kind. You know I'm looking forward to your garden pictures now.

  3. I am so jealous of all that ice cream I see you eating. I managed to keep myself from buying one today because the line was long! I look forward to your pictures of the gardens. :-)

  4. Our grandson, 7, who lives in Abbotsford, got to meet some White Caps players at his soccer camp.

  5. it's great to have a hubby who likes to travel. my hubby finally decided to attend his 55th HS reunion in Texas in oct and to FLY! That's a biggy for we get a mini-vacation to mid Texas-hopefully the hurricane cleanup will be over...

  6. Great you visited Canada. Don't you know we're nice...even at soccer games!!!

  7. I think it is great that you both are so busy yet stay spontaneous.

  8. Ooh lucky you. Vancouver is definitely on my bucket list. How funny being in the wrong cheering section. At least once outed, you didn't have to stifle your "yeas".

  9. Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos!


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