Monday, August 14, 2017

Part 2: Rockaway Beach

We arrived Monday afternoon in fog. After unloading and moving into our cabin spaces, we went for a walk on the beach. 

 The fog settled in early and we were in for the evening. 
The kids did get some beach playing in Tuesday afternoon, and the rest of us sat out by the creek for a while. I got a beach walk in when the tide was low. 

The beach rose and crocosmia were blooming on the other side of the creek. 

 That's our cabin, next to Salt Aire Creek, and pretty much right on the beach. 
 Friday morning I was up early, so I went for a walk on the beach while everyone else got going. The tide was w-a-y out. 

 The sun was working hard to burn a hole in the fog. 

 After making our trip to the bakery for the third morning in a row, we walked along the tracks into town. 

 My last apple fritter was especially good. 

 We stopped at shops and a gallery of local arts and crafts. 

 We followed the yellow brick road. 

 Of course we made purchases at the candy shop. 
 We stopped at the police station to check out the police museum. 

 One person got some ice cream. And look, I can see my shadow!
 Others were enjoying the sun too. 

 As we were packing up, the tourist train went by. I waved from the back porch. 

With all of the foggy weather, we went on excursions rather than spending a lot of time on the beach. I'll be posting about those next. The good thing is that we escaped the heat and smoke that continued all week in Seattle. 


  1. I enjoyed this so much!! Those first pictures of the beach and the fog are beautiful. I can just imagine the sounds, the waves and the birds. You have such a beautiful family! There, I said it again! If I had been you, there would have been two people getting ice cream. :)

  2. i remember a week we rented a cabin on oregon beach and it was foggy, lovely and cool. how fun....

  3. Lovely slice of summer. Ice cream and the breakfast bakery . . . I envy you all for being so active you can get away with that!

  4. It looks like the fog forced a change in plans and you had a great experience looking at something else.

  5. What a glorious day. I'd love that apple fritter too. It's so wonderful to spend time with family.

  6. What a great place to escape to. Loved the name of the store "Washed Ashore." I'd have to go in there.

  7. What great pictures! I think Oregon beaches will have to be on my bucket list (if I had a bucket list). What a wonderful place...

  8. At long last it seems our temperatures are cooler and some of the smoke and haze is being blown away!

    I love the fog pictures!!

  9. What a beautiful escape from the heat and smoke of Seattle. Looks like you found some interesting and fun things to see and do.


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