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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Peter's Garden: Part 2

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, you really must go back and check it out or you may never understand what's going on in Peter's Garden. 

Our tour continued through the narrow passageways tunneling through the rampant and varied plantings. There are surprises around every corner. 

 With the bright sun and the deep shade, photography was difficult, so I had to poke my camera into everything. 
 Heads up! Who's that?

 Heads and hands, holding treasures. 
 Put a fork in it! I have some of these silverware creations too. I love the creativity. 

 Peter makes those elaborate glass flowers. 
 Don't forget to look under the bench.
 Topiary? Really? Here?
 Well, with a twist, of course. Are you bowled over yet?

 Don't forget to look up!
 Glass flowers a la the Reeder method. 
 What's that?
 Jurassic Park too?

 There appears to be a change ahead, again. 

 Ah, it's the famous Danger Gardenette! Danger because spiky plants live here.
 Tom found a way to enjoy the pokey plants from a distance. 

 So much fun. So much beauty. So many wonderful pots and plants.  And so much more to come!


  1. It's so much fun to see things I missed! He has such a devilish sense of humor.

  2. Simply delightful. I love the whole thing, and you make it sound like there might be a Part 3? I hope so! :-)

  3. Peter has great touch with the size and color of plants. And then he shows lots of creativity with decorations.

  4. Some call it creativity; some hoarding...:)

  5. I'm intrigued by the fork flower. Peter's garden is amazing; how big is it anyway?

    1. Peter's lot is a corner lot faced by streets on two sides and an alley in the back. That would make it a half block deep, a standard lot in the historic district. It's not that big, but every inch is incorporated into the garden.

  6. Your presentation of Peter's garden is superb. I have just started reading his blog. I had no idea. The plants almost take a back seat to the "stuff".

  7. What a fun garden!!! Not one you can walk casually through for you would miss most of the cool stuff. This guy could charge admission.
    Forgot to say before how much I loved his fire pit plants from the last post. Very, very creative.

  8. Today you've shown many types of colorful pots. It's a very crowded place.

  9. Wow, I've never seen so much stuff in a garden. I wonder too how anyone keeps all those plants alive, like in dry weather or during the winter.

  10. Wonderful! His imagination knows no bounds and I think he loves humor and his garden:)


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