Thursday, August 31, 2017

Whidbey Island Respite

While the Vancouver trip tours will still be posting for a while yet, this week we took a little vacation to Whidbey Island.  Monday through Wednesday we took walks, worked a little on the cabin garden and did a lot of sitting and reading. 

 The photos below were taken with my little Canon with the big zoom, and they are fuzzy, but I liked the effect. 

There are always lots of bunnies.
 I was struck by this rugosa rose, of which there are quite a few in gardens along the beach road. It has red hips, 
 green hips,
 and blooms. 

Sunsets over Useless Bay are sometimes just gray, sometimes brilliant, and sometimes just pretty, like these. 

We're back in Seattle on a cloudy, cool day, a respite before it heats up again over the weekend. 

Today I pay the bills and go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I turn the calendar to September. Saturday I make food for Sunday, and Sunday we return to Whidbey Island for the annual Phosie-Gertie Picnic. 

You can't stop time, so just go with the flow. 


  1. You certainly never seem to stop, but it sounds as though you had a bit of respite on the island.

  2. Whidbey Island looks like such a wonderful place to retreat to from city life. Thanks for sharing those pics!

  3. Whidbey Island is always a good place to visit. Useless Bay? I bet there's a story behind that name.

    1. Red, look at the first photo, and you'll see why it's "useless". When the tide goes out, way out, all of those boats are sitting on the sand. It is a very shallow bay, therefor useless for marine purposes.

  4. Time for Phosie-Gertie again already? You're right, we can't stop time, but it sure doesn't seem like a year has passed since then. :-)

  5. good advice...go with the flow, in a lovely setting it's!

  6. Happy September. I am always stunned at the beautiful driftwood that decorates you beaches. I'd have to take some of it home.

  7. Sigh.... So beautiful.... so serene.


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