Saturday, August 12, 2017

Home From the Sea; Part 1 - Astoria Sea Lions

Tom and I got home Friday evening from our stay at the family cabin at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. 

We are taking it slow this Saturday morning, but we do have a 1:00 soccer match to go to, so I'll need to get moving at some point.

Of course I have a bunch of photos, but I am in no hurry to dump them all on you. These are the dog days of summer and it's time to slow way down. I'll spread them out over the week.

First up, some fun photos of the sea lions who hang out on the marina docks at the Astoria fishing harbor. We stopped there on our way down the coast. 

 These guys are quite the singers, if that is what you can call that loud barking coming from somewhere deep inside them. They can be heard from long distances away. They made us laugh. 
 I couldn't decide if the ones in the water were the applauding audience, or the kids who were being scolded for not getting out. Or maybe these big guys just kicked them off so they could have the pier all to themselves.  

 This is the mouth of the Columbia River. In the distance you can see the bridge linking Oregon and Washington. 
 The sign says NO, but others are doing it, so lets get a little closer. 

 Enjoy your lazy daze. 


  1. wow what fun, i feel just like the sea lions-tired and!

  2. Seeing these sea lions remains at the top of my bucket list year after year. Some year I'm going to make it up to see these guys. This morning, for the first time in days, we were able to open the house and breathe cool fresh smoke-filled air. Actually the smoke is almost gone. I became depressed from the heat, and living with the house shut up to use the a/c. I thought I'd left that nasty heat in Texas. I do love living in the PNW where we have to use the a/c very little. Nothing beats fresh air through open doors and windows.

  3. What a coincidence! I'm having a super lazy Saturday too. It looks like fun seeing those sea lions.

  4. Welcome back from your time away. The sea lions don't seem very bothered by humans being around. You got some good shots.

  5. They certainly make themselves at home and take over the dock.

  6. Oh my, what great sea lion pictures! I'm enjoying your trip vicariously!

  7. Fun pictures! I look forward to the next batch. And congrats on the win! :-)

  8. Wow, would they be fun to watch. Lucky you.

  9. Such a great show! You've had quite a busy week & deserve to take some time to unwind and slow down.


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