Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Part 3: Garibaldi

Whenever the bakery is open in Garibaldi, just down the coast from Rockaway, on Tillamook Bay, we go there for donuts in the morning. 

The Bayfront Bakery is owned and operated by an elderly couple who have tried to quit several times, and can't always open due to health problems, but when they are open, locals and visitors flock there for the best donuts and other goodies anywhere. 
Jill used to eat six items, but now limits herself to there. Tom and the kids each have two. I always have the same thing, an apple fritter. I manage to enjoy my one fritter and several cups of coffee slowly enough, savoring every bite, that I am often the last one to finish. 
 Then, as has been the tradition since Jill and Jake were little kids, we walk over to the train park.
 A tourist train runs out of here between Garibaldi and Rockaway in the summer. Tom found the caboose man to talk trains with, until they had to pull out of the station. Tom's grandfather was a railroad engineer. 

 We went into the train shed where Tom could talk some more to one of the train restorers. 

 Help! Damsel in distress!
 The playground has changed over the years, but playing there is still part of the tradition. 
 Well, some of us play. 

 Watch out, Isaac. Grandpa is coming to get you.

 While they played, I walked over to the docks, where they would drive over soon. 
As I walked by the lumber yard, the scent of freshly cut alder was a lovely fragrance. 
 The log loader was dumping a new bunch of alder logs into the hopper to be sawed. 

 There isn't as much action on these docks as there used to be in the good old days when commercial and charter fishing boats and shrimp boats were busy coming and going and unloading their catch. 

 It's still fun to walk on the docks and see the old working boats. 

 The locals may look mean, but they're harmless. 
 We stopped in the admire the wind spinners. This is where I bought mine. 
 I spoke briefly with the creator. He is an elderly man now, but still keeps working in his shop. I told him how much we enjoy our wind spinner. 
And then it was time to go back to the cabin and get in a little beach time, in spite of the fog. 


  1. I love the pictures of the docks and working boats. The one with the reflection of the piers in the water is classic. That bakery looks like a wonderful place to visit. Bake goods are a serious weak point with me and everything looks delicious!

  2. The big G---been there several times--fun! I have to cruise through your blog later.
    Yes I got a new computer and of curse paid more than I wanted to but I LIKE it.

  3. perfect vacation if I could only get hubby out of the house again. He hates traffic. My dad and grandpa were railroad men-Union Pacific. My dad was a dispatcher and gpa had a road gang that worked on the rails. Fun stuff, love the boats and water. It is cooling off here now and rarely gets to 100 degrees-HURRAH!

  4. Trains and boats! Yes fascinating to look at. I get to walk the docks when I visit Tofino.

  5. Grandpa sure got into the whole playground thing, didn't he!! So nice to see your family enjoying the day together!

  6. I laughed at the damsel in distress picture, and you reminded me how much I still love a swing. :-)

  7. You have captured the place and I enjoyed the virtual tour very much. Kind of gives me the itch to travel more.

  8. Like Djan, I am now wishing I had a swing. They are a great place to zone out. What a variety of things to see. Doughnuts, trains, boats and yes, those swings.

  9. I always look forward to your bakery visit and was previously amazed that Jill could actually eat six items! So many fun family traditions you have.

  10. The one with the reflection of the piers in the water is classic. That bakery looks like a wonderful place to visit. Bake goods are a serious weak point with me and everything looks delicious!



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