Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Day of Exploring on Whidbey Island

We had leftover blueberry coffee cake to start our Saturday, and after a slow morning, we set out about 10:30 for our destination walk. We were headed for Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, but we took a wrong turn and ended up at Fort Casey, where before turning around, we noticed this officers house at the end of the row, overlooking the sound, looking a lot like an Andrew Wyeth painting. 

And just look at that sky!

Ah, here we are, Ebey's Landing, and ready for our morning walk.

We made it up the steps before needing our first breather stop. 

We didn't go all the way to the top, up to those trees and along the bluff. We have done it before and it's a great hike, but those days are over for me. 
Instead we traversed  the hillside, alongside the fields, to the blockhouse. 

This historical reserve contains some of the richest farmland on the island, and is most likely part of the reason for the island's first pioneers to settle here. 
Reaching our destination, it was time for another rest, and a chance to soak up the sun and the view. 

There were eagles landing too! I didn't have my zoom lens, but you can sort of see them. 
This field along the track was pink with tiny wild geranium blooms. 

That bench at the end of the hike beckoned us too, just to enjoy this lovely place a bit longer. 
Then we drove over across this narrow part of the island to the historic town of Coupeville, on the other shore, where we had lunch and a walk about. 

From there we drove to Langley, where we stopped in to visit with Marie at her Chocolate Flower Farm shop, and to get ice cream, which we ate sitting on the benches at Boy and Dog park. 
It is mandatory that we stop at Bayview Garden Center, just up the hill from our cabin.

With 25% off on perennials and succulents, we bought some. 
The nursery was beginning to look like spring. 

I do love the exotic succulents.

And the cacti are so cool. 

Tropicals are not my thing, but not because I don't admire them. These bromeliads are lovely.
We got back to the cabin tired, but content, and after a bit of rest, we went to the grocery store for some take out food, then settled in to watch the Sounders match on TV. The result was a tie, 0-0, not thrilling, but not a loss.

It was a good day. 


  1. You sure found great ways to spend your time exploring. I wrote some magazine articles years ago on gardening with chocolate plants and described the Chocolate Farm. The blockhouses are new to me, I guess the settlers would run to them if they had time, when they were attacked.

  2. I loved to see your pictures because those places are some of the ones we visited so often when the kids were young. The 3 boys especially loved Ebey's landing so much that we "renamed" it in honour of our youngest son. Of course Fort Casey was a big hit too.

  3. Did you mean an Andrew Wyeth painting?

    1. I'm from Maine, where he is considered a god. I love your blog. you are an inspiration.

  4. Ebey's Landing is one of our annual winter trips from Bellingham. I have always enjoyed hiking along that bluff with the sea always right there. :-)

  5. Perfect day, perfect scenery, great photos and I am envious of such a wonderful location to work on one's health!!!

  6. You had a great day with an interesting hike.

  7. what a lovely place and weather to enjoy your anniversary vacation...indeed blue blue sky!

  8. Whenever you post about your days at the cabin you make me want to visit Whidbey again. We've only been there once, for one day, and I didn't see any of the places you show. I'd love to walk that path and visit the nursery. Looks like fun!

  9. What a lovely place to explore but I think I'd have taken my breather break at the bottom. Hard to imagine building a house with the threat of attack looming. Not sure I'd be that brave.
    Those succulents caught my eye.

  10. Oh it is beautiful there. I enjoyed all your photos! :)

  11. I do believe that is the most beautiful place for a walk that I have ever seen.


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