Thursday, April 4, 2019

Whidbey Gardening: All Play and No Work Doesn't Get the Job Done.

Friday was a day of celebrating, and being celebrated. BTW, social media and blogging adds immensely to the joy of such a day. Thank you for all of the good wishes.

Saturday was a day to play, to explore the beauty of the island.  But when I looked down on the garden Saturday evening, I could see the work ahead. 

Sunday morning a fog lingered over the lagoon, creating a special beauty.

 It was 9:30 when we got to work. The garden was full of shot weed, drifted over from the neighbor's property, and other weeds were gaining a stronghold too. 
We worked all day, crawling around, weeding and cleaning. It was 4:00 when we reached a stopping point and called it quits for the day. We would finish Monday morning. 

I sought a bit of quiet time over on the beach. The bay was calm and quiet. 
Monday morning we were stiff and sore, but there was work to finish. It took us another two  hours, but we got it all cleaned up.
 We left a lot of the California poppy seedlings. We'll let them bloom and then pull them out. They seed freely and there will be plenty for next year. 
 The next door neighbors are new, and they have been making improvements in their yard. All the more incentive to keep ours up. 
 The word on the street is that the neighborhood is quite excited that the tulips are coming into bloom. It is a highlight of spring for the locals who walk by every day. 

 Looking better.

We rested a while. I cleaned up the cabin and got things packed up while Tom finished a few more chores. Then we decided that since the weather was so beautiful and warm, that we would stay through the afternoon before going home. 

We took an easy walk on the dike along the lagoon. 

 Then I sat on the deck and read. It was like summer! It was wonderful!
That was Monday. We have been back home since. It has been a whole week now since our anniversary. We spent time this week researching caterers and party rentals. We have booked a caterer and the rental equipment we will need for our delayed big celebration in July, which I am calling Celebration 50/75. 

Now I can relax and settle into spring. It is happening all around me, and I want to absorb every moment of it. 


  1. It's nice to see you sitting and relaxing for a change. You work so hard!

  2. Yes, take some well deserved time and smell the roses.

  3. Loved hearing about your trip. We are going to be working on our yard this weekend. I cannot wait to get out there in the yard with all the sunshine.

  4. I am glad to see that you two busy bees keep some balance in your lives to enjoy and just sit. Do your tulips last from year to year? Ours die out due to heat or voles.

    1. The tulips we plant in the cabin garden spent their first year in our home garden, but they do not come back there, since we water. We bring them to the cabin for the second year, and for however many years they will bloom there because they like the sand and the summer neglect.

  5. That sure looks like it was a lot of work in the garden, but you got it done, and it looks wonderful. I saw that picture of you reading on the porch on Facebook, and I enjoyed it then, too. :-)

  6. I assume the remark about the neighbor's garden work being incentive for you to keep up appearances was tongue in cheek! You two definitely bring beauty to the world at large.

  7. One thing about weeds, they give gardeners job security. So good to see you enjoying a book and some sun.

  8. I can't agree more with Olga's comment. I can't imagine anyone having a more beautiful and maintained yard than yours. AND you have two of then to care for.

    Enjoy the spring!

  9. The gardens are looking great again! :)


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