Monday, April 29, 2019

Weekend Beauty, Part 1, Saturday

For the most part, the sky was blue and the sun was shining over the weekend here in Puget Sound country. We took advantage of some opportunities to enjoy the beauty around us.

On Saturday morning we joined up with other members of our garden club to tour the Anderson Rhodendron Garden in Enumclaw, WA. This is a private garden which the Andersons invite the public to tour during the peak bloom time in the month of May. Our club arranged for a tour a bit early, but on our regular meeting day. 

It was cold and rainy when we gathered, but that didn't last long.
 On a clear day, at the bottom of this sweep of lawn, there is an amazing view of Mt Rainier rising above the hills. I have seen it when Tom and I were here years ago, but we were not blessed with that view on this day. 
On either side and around the end of this central lawn are pathways meandering through the rhododendrons and accompanying shrubs and trees. 

There are also wonderful ground covers. 

 These are gentians, often hard to grow, but happy here in this garden at the base of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. 

 At the lower end of the lawn.

 There are lots of great garden seats, places to linger. 

 The garden continues, circling the house. 

 Dogwood trees glow against the now blue sky. 

 Many of these are old, mature plants, and they rise far above our heads. In the coming weeks, as more buds open, this garden will be a blaze of glory. 

After the tour, we all went out to lunch and enjoyed lots more visiting and even some gardening talk.


  1. So this is what amazing rain brings!

  2. I can see why you spent a long time in this garden . Beautiful!

  3. This garden already looks like a blaze of glory to me. This place looks like one of those Southern plantations with all the huge mature Rhodies.

  4. Absolutely beautiful place! Thank you for the tour, I enjoyed it very much. :-)

  5. wow, beautiful, i would just sit on one of those benches and bask in all that glorious color...

  6. When I started seeing blue skies, I knew your day just got better. What a lovely place to wander through or just sit and enjoy.

  7. Beautiful! I would like a little rose covered cottage right in the middle of that garden...

  8. I took a tour of an edible yard this past weekend. It made me want to take up gardening again even knowing I will be restricted to pots for the time being. I was captivated by the number of butterflies flitting around us as we made the tour.

  9. Rhododendrons give such a lot of glorious color. How fortunate we are to live where they thrive. Gorgeous garden.

  10. Wow! This is so gorgeous! Until we went to your area, we had no idea there were so many different kinds of rhododendrons.


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