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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Breathe Easy, Just Because

We don’t spend enough time on our deck. So today, on this warm quiet Saturday afternoon, with our work done for the day, I suggested we go there to see what we might need to do there later, and to just hang out for a while.
 This little Buddha was given to me by Jake for Christmas right after Trump was elected. He thought I  might need it. The stones were gifts too, and together they send a message: have patience, truth matters, breath easily, just because. I rub Buddha's little head, and practice calmness.  I'll need to make more frequent visits in the coming week.
 Charlie found us, just because, but he's not a lap cat. He was soon sprawled out on the deck in the shade. 
 We switched positions because the light was better for photos. I had my phone in my pocket, just because.
 The sky roof  above was serene. 
 But Tom couldn't stay still. He found things to do. He got snippy with his bonsai. 
 I sat still and watched him work, having no problem just sitting and breathing easily, just because.


  1. You have such a beautiful garden and I know it takes a great deal of work to keep it that way. But you both deserve to sit and relax and enjoy your efforts once in a while. (My Dad was just like Tom...always had to be doing something.)

  2. Just because, I like the concept. You have a lovely deck and garden area. I have a Buddha and Mary the mother of Jesus in my garden near my patio.

  3. I'm having a hard time imagining you sitting and doing nothing!! But it's nice to know you do enjoy such moments.
    When we built our porch we purposely didn't make stairs off it to the back yard because I knew if I saw a weed while "relaxing" I'd be down there in a jiffy pulling it out. Maybe that's how Tom feels.

  4. You need to take a break once in a while. Smell the roses!

  5. I like the phrase, "just because." You don't need to say anything more than that. I laughed when you said Tom got snippy with his bonsai. :-)

  6. Sure sounds good to me. When we built our cabin, we especially wanted a big screened-in back porch. We got the porch. Had it built the length of the house and now we forget it is out there. We need to sit out there more, "just because". Thank you. I enjoyed this post. I am much like Tom, and can not sit still. When I sit down, I always see something to do. :)

    Your Jill is amazing, and beautiful. (previous post)

  7. So glad you are sitting back and just enjoying the results of all your work and it was good to see Charlie back.

  8. How wonderful to just be and do without fully explaining it. Very nice, thank you.

  9. I am happy to see that you do sometimes sit and luxuriate in the very space you have created just because it is so. When I sit like that I often have my garden journal with me. That way instead of jumping up to do something I make lists. ha... I love that picture of you and Charlie. How nice to have a furry friend.

  10. Good for you for sitting and enjoying your garden just because. Like Tom, I find it difficult to just sit outside and usually find something to do. Funny how gardeners who seldom sit still in their gardens have so many seating areas in them.


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