Monday, July 29, 2019

Saturday Garden Touring

For our monthly garden club gathering the group decided to participate in visiting some of the Open Gardens that are part of the Northwest Perennial Alliance, with which our small group is aligned. 

Since many of the Open Gardens this weekend were near us, here at The Reeder Garden, we offered to open our garden just for our club, start here, and then go on to other gardens. 

 Once they had seen our garden they settled in on the patio to visit. I finally had to "kick them out" by reminding them that there were other gardens to see. :-)
 The Armstrong/Olsen Garden surrounds a new build modern house, accessible and sustainable. The garden is six years old. 

 Then after visiting with the gardeners we were off to the McWilliams/Gorz garden.

 This front garden has been recently redone, removing all of the lawn.
 Around back decking surrounds a dry "pond".
 A peek-a-boo "window" through the hedge gives a glimpse of the sound. 
 Tom gets comfortable while talking to one of our group members. 

 While we had been to both of the previous gardens before, the third gardeb, the Courquin garden, was a surprise. 
 Spread out over more than an acre, and lived in for 40 years, it has surprises around every corner.

 For me this garden blended the best of combining city living and country living. 

 From the "farm" we go for a walk in the woods.

There was one more garden that we visited but I took so many photos there that it will have to be a separate post.

PS - Lisa wanted to know what heucheras I bought at West Seattle Nursery on Sunday. Here they are.
 Sorry. Blogger insists on showing these upside down. :-/

 I planted them in the front yard where new shrubs will take a while to fill in. 


  1. I had a delightful time on Saturday visiting some of the same gardens, and it was fun to see you and Tom. Those faces on the stickwork fence at the Courquin garden were so much fun, I'd love to make some. I took lots of photos too.

  2. They are all wonderful, but the Courquin garden is a treasure. Thank you for the delightful tour! :-)

  3. I'm impressed with the garden which is only 6 years old. It takes a long time to establish a good garden. Nice tour with you.

  4. wow gorgeous, love the gardens and forests combined and all the flowers!

  5. Well you all started with the best garden. Loved that first picture. I really enjoyed the rest of the gardens but was blown away by the color of those lawn chairs. How bad is that to be surrounded by beauty and have some bright colored chairs take my eye? They would look great on my porch.

  6. Does your spring and early summer last for months????

    1. Ha! Not quite. We have very distinct seasons here, and we are now entering "high summer", which means summer drought, and for those of us who rely on perennials, the garden goes into late summer slump. I am cutting back spent perennials, and going into a bit of a slump myself, as it is time to take it easier.

  7. Your Heuchera collection is fine. I haven't seen either of these before. Thank you for showing them.
    I love seeing the gardens you get to tour. I know your garden club certainly appreciated your garden. How nice that you got to show it without much ado since you had it in perfect condition for the rest of your celebrations lately.
    I really like that third garden you showed. The city/country garden. I see lots of inspiration there.

  8. Love the new Heucheras!! All the gardens you toured were exceptional. I do wonder if they employ gardeners or not.

  9. Nice gardens! Though I think that yours should have been saved for last, because it is the most beautiful.

  10. Amazing how different so many gardens can be and yet all be beautiful. Lots of inspiration here.


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