Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Morning in West Seattle

With another mild sunny day on hand, I still felt the need to run away for the morning. Since West Seattle had a Sunday Farmer's Market, as well as a favorite nursery, we went there for the morning. 

 Beautiful salad.

 Huge flower baskets adorn the lamp posts. 

 I hate it when my photos go sideways, but I had to include some sweet peas. 

 And bright, bold beautiful lilies. 
 I'm not sure dogs really like coming to the market, but their owners must think they do. They are everywhere, but well behaved. There are posted dog behavior rules just in case. 

 Vegetable masterpieces. 

 Street food.

 Eat it now or take it home. 
 This "forager" had some rare, wild commodities. 

 Another mushroom dealer had cultivated fungi. 

 Tom allowed himself to be convinced to try growing a mushroom kit.  He handed over his credit card. 

 After about an hour and a half of looking and talking to vendors and other shoppers, we drove about a half mile away to West Seattle Nursery for some more eye candy. 

 Tom can't resist ferns. He bought two.
 I can't resist heucheras. I bought two.

Our eyes filled and our legs tired, we drove back home in time for lunch on the patio. Charlie checked in too. It was a good Sunday morning, and I haven't done much since.


  1. Your photos show the beauty of the foods for sale and the plants. Now I want to go to a local farmers market near my home.

  2. how fun, love all the berries and flowers and produce. It was 106 degrees here today, time for another weekend trip to cooler temps

  3. That is one huge Farmer's Market!! I hope Tom has success growing mushrooms.

  4. It is an abundant time of the year, and our Saturday market is very similar to this one. Thanks for the visit, and the eye candy afterwards. :-)

  5. The few times I visited that area I was so impressed by the farmers markets. Stunning and lucky you!!

  6. The markets certainly know how to display things in a very attractive way.

  7. Wow, what bounty. I wish we had a farmer's market here. Sadly a few road side stands is all. I was really impressed with the mushrooms. I would have had to try some of those.

  8. It never fails to please me to see so many colours and such beauty.

  9. I laughed at you two buying your twosies. I will be interested in how Tom's mushroom experiment goes. I had a friend that tried one of those kits and some did grow but she thought it was too much ado about the about you get. Good luck Tom. You will have to show us your heucheras. That FM is a feast for the eyes. I don't think people should bring their dogs to such a crowded venue. Dogs usually look anxious or have a Why am I here look on their face.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day. Funny I tend to buy items (not just plants) in pairs.


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