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Monday, July 8, 2019

Gig Harbor Garden Tour 4: The Garden of Megan Manning

We are greeted in this garden by some interesting garden art from local vendors.

 We knew from reading that this is a big garden, but as we rounded the house we were not sure what to expect. 

 Well, how much of this will we check out?
 We stay up by the house at first, taking it all in. An artist in action has limited her view. 
 Our number one good idea of this tour, growing carnivorous plants in an old sink. 

 A very interesting maple, glowing red in the sun on the underside of the leaves, almost white on the top. 
 Second good idea, growing tiny hostas in a sunken pot so they don't get lost. 

 Well, we were drawn down into the lower reaches of the garden.

 We had to go see this pond. 

 And peek through this cool gate to the big vegetable garden. 

 What a wonderful tree house. 

 We did not explore every foot of this acre of garden, but we saw most of it. 


  1. I am impressed that you still find new ideas on these garden tours. I might have expected mountain goats to be wandering around this one.

  2. I wonder how many people work on this big garden to get it to be so well kept. Beautiful! :-)

  3. There's lots of variety in this , color, pot uses...

  4. What a great garden! I also like both of your takeaways from it -- I tried carnivorous plants and they dried out and died on me. I wonder if a sink with the drainage hole plugged would keep them moist enough, also high enough to get a good look at them.

  5. Oooh, you had me at the tree house but also those tiny hostas. What a great place to spend a day and to get ideas.

  6. OOOOoooooo I want the tree house. It would be such fun to get up there and look over the garden and surrounds. I have a pot of tiny hostas and even this pot rim resembles mine. I call mine the mouse trap. All of the minis are "mouse" somethings. Fun...

  7. that is huge, love the tools in the garden gate...

  8. What an awesome place!!! Wow! I do love that tree house and the carnivorous plants.


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