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Monday, July 15, 2019

Let the Pageant Begin

This will be a busy week, leading up to the big 50/75 Celebration on Saturday. That's 50 years of marriage - a delayed 50th Anniversary, actually in March, and a 75th birthday for me, actually on Wednesday, but with a celebration delayed until Saturday. 

There is still shopping and ordering to do, lists to check and recheck, gardens to make perfect - well, as much as one could even hope to prefect nature. :-)  We'll do housekeeping on the day that rain is predicted. We have been watching the weather forecast for Saturday, and it is improving daily as the ten day forecast now shortens to fewer days. 

In our family, when someone spreads a birthday celebration out over several days to a week, we call it a pageant. So on Sunday we began mine, treating ourselves to a day without responsibility. With a 1:00 Sounders match scheduled at our stadium, we went in early on the train to have breakfast at The Market.

Tom is an adventurous eater and enjoyed his smoked salmon scramble. My safe blueberry pancakes were very good. I could only eat half of them though. 

It is tourist season and the cruise ships are usually in town, so the market was packed with people. We dodged and darted enough to take in a couple of the flower stalls for my favorite kind of eye candy. I'll share a bit with you. 

A big reason that Tom wanted to come here was to get a good view of the demolition progress of the viaduct. There are still some sections left, and some support structures. but much of it is completely gone and cleared away. 

We walked down the hill climb to the waterfront, where rubble collection was still in progress. The viaduct is coming down because it is not earthquake safe. Fortunately this was a man made mess, and not a catastrophe. 
Water and the wheel. 

Flowers, sky, sea,
and the city. 
We made our way back up to 1st Avenue and south to join the March to the Match in Pioneer Square, and on to the stadium, where we had time to chill out in the shade and sip a Coke before the match began. 
It was a great match, intense, hard fought, and entertaining. And to top it off, the Sounders had another victory. 
It was about 3:30 when we left the stadium, and stopped off at the Starbucks near the light rail station to sit in the shade and sip coffee drinks. 

Back home, Charlie the borrowed cat checked in, we had a light lunch/supper, and spent a little time down on the deck, reviewing the week ahead, before settling in for the evening. 

It was a very good day. 


  1. I'm glad to know your pageant will be available for those who are not right there with you. I sure did enjoy these pictures, especially the wonderful bouquets. Yay! :-)

  2. I like the idea of a pageant. We just say we are "stretching" our birthday. Congrats on both counts. Have fun.

  3. Hope you enjoy your pageant week! Our 40th anniversary is in 2021, but we are going to celebrate it a year early, next year, with a trip to England. We'll also be celebrating Nigel's soon-to-be retirement then, so it'll be a twofer, like yours.

  4. Those flowers are just beautiful--just beautiful.
    In one previous post you talked about having rain well we haven't had any up this way. The weather patterns are sometimes strange.
    We went to Salem to visit Bob's daughter and that is why I have the Oregon Pics. Nice area and we drove home along the ocean. I lived in Oregon for several years when my Father went to college.
    So, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary all wrapped up together

  5. Treat yourself well and have a happy birthday!

  6. I hope your pageant is everything you wish for and more. 50/75 is a great reason for a pageant, for sure!!

  7. Wishing you a wonderful pageant for your wedding anniversary and Birthday. Wishing you many more happy years together.


  9. You all know how to celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday and what a huge anniversary. So glad your Sounders could give you a great lift on a perfect day. Charlie and coffee were a nice cap to the day.

  10. That's a lot of celebrating to do! Pageant worthy indeed.

  11. best wishes to the Pageant Queen!!

  12. Enjoy your pageant week! Great way to start.

  13. Why can't we all celebrate life; birthdays, holidays, weekdays, every day like you and Tom do. You make everything so special. I love it. Hope you have really enjoyed this week.

  14. Downtown looks so different without the viaduct. Glad you had a grand beginning to your pageant!


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