Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Lights, But Not a Christmas Post

We have lived in our house for 41 years. We have replaced floor coverings and appliances and counter tops and the roof and the outside doors and the windows and the garage doors. We have redone the fireplace and added shelving. And yet many of the features of the house are original. We are not like the folks on HGTV who have to replace perfectly good stuff. But once in a while something wears out. 

One of the lights went out in the downstairs powder room.The light fixtures use exposed globe type bulbs. We may have replaced them once or twice in all those years. 

When I was out shopping with the kids last Saturday morning, I picked up new bulbs. Unfortunately that didn't fix the problem.
The fixture itself was shot. That meant Tom had some fixing to do. We went out Saturday afternoon to see what we could find. There were no options for using the new globes I bought. We had to decide on something different. 

I didn't want anything fancy and didn't want to  spend lots of money. That meant the $50 fixtures didn't make the cut.  Eventually we settled on these.
At $9 each, they were a bargain, and had the simplicity I wanted. 
Tom got them installed Saturday evening. We had some 60w LED bulbs on hand and put them in. We had light. But, wow, was that light bright and harsh.

 So today I picked up two new WARM light LED Bulbs. Much better. 

Now I'm happy, and I'm happy that I have a Mr. Fix-it who lives here in this house with me. 


  1. I really should pay attention to the tone of the lighting in my bathrooms. We did get the shower light replaced by an electrician. It was an imbedded job and the light her replaced it with should every mole and freckle when showering!!

  2. Very nice replacement - and the right price! Sometimes we don't want to see too much, do we!

  3. I hope you were able to return those globes you couldn't use after all. I do like the warmer light with the new bulbs. :-)

  4. I love the new light fixtures! We have the kind that are in a row above the medicine cabinet AND a ceiling light. Over kill, I think but that's a project for another time..

  5. Good on you and Tom for a fine repair. We can do many more repairs than we think.

  6. Once we hit AARP age, we really don't need really bright lights. Think you found the perfect solution and how great to have a live in handy man.

  7. Very nice! I also don't like the harsh white lights and prefer warm. However, I am a dinosaur in that respect because all the modern condos coming up in Honolulu (horrible stuff, imo) have the cold white lights on stark surfaces and sharp angles. I also stock up on incandescent light bulbs because they will soon be extinct, like dinosaurs.

  8. We've lived in our house for very much the same length of time and replaced many of the same things too.
    I like how many cheery things you have hanging on the bathroom walls. I've always thought the humidity would be harmful but I'm reconsidering that now.


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