Monday, December 30, 2019


Since my Christmas post there has been more love sharing, more eating, more walking, and more football.

On Saturday we traveled south to Winlock for a sibling gathering. We met at a small local restaurant, often the best kind, for lunch, and then regrouped at my sister Laurie's home nearby. 
Here we are, brother Hank, sister Laurie, sister Ilene, and me. Only our brother don, who lives near Boston, was missing. This was also our mother's birthday, and she would have been 98. She passed just short of her 90th birthday, but we all still miss her. 
 Hank and his wife Cindy.
Tom and Linda

Ilene was behind the camera here and I borrowed these photos from her. It is important for us to get together now and then, but especially now.  Laurie's husband is fighting cancer and is under treatment. He is showing the ravages of his battle, which we hope he is winning, and Laurie bears the stress and strain as his caregiver. 
 Laurie and Arnold.

Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. We had some shopping to do down in the valley so we decided to take our walk there along the Green River Trail.

 Wild clematis seed heads.

 Pioneer oak. 

 A peaceful, placid river under a calm winter sky.

Sunday was a big day in Seattle. The Sunday Night Football crew was in town. Throngs of people were enjoying the good weather under an afternoon clear blue sky, and excitement was in the air. A possible division championship was on the line.

Tom and I watched at home. 
It came down to the last seconds, but unfortunately Seattle lost by inches on the final  fourth down. San Francisco was the better team and the Seahawks' luck ran out. They'll now play an away game next Sunday in the Wild Card round.

So now I need to get up and get going. It's Monday morning and there is work to do. 


  1. You are so lucky to have so much of your family so close during the holidays. I haven't posted comments during all your holiday posts but I have been reading. Love the fluffy Clematis seedheads. I hope Arnold beats his cancer.

  2. I agree with Alison that is great that you can meet up with most of your siblings. I hope your BIL can beat the cancer. Best of luck to him. Your place to walk looks beautiful even tho it is winter. I hate that the Seahawks lost. A bum call at the end. Good luck on going.

  3. Thanks for the great pictures of your "after party." My sincere best wishes to Arnold in his struggle. That Seahawks loss was hard to take. Thanks for being such a great blogging friend over the years, Linda. :-)

  4. Enjoyed taking the walk with you and seeing the river and lovely trees. Hoping Arnold does win his battle soon. Happiest of New Years!

  5. You do keep the parties going. Sending prayers for Arnold and Laurie to beat this thing.
    Sorry about the Seahawks. I meant to watch the game but I couldn't get it here.

  6. Very nice that your family remains close. My best wishes that Arnold wins his battle with that darn cancer. I so appreciate the photos of the riverside, especially those with a pop of color.

    All the best in 2020!

  7. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you and your siblings and you and Tom. I hope you BIL wins the battle with cancer.
    We sure have been fortunate with the mild weather just lately, haven't we!! Almost feels like Spring.

  8. I also enjoyed catching up with siblings over the holidays and Christmas with my son, daughter and two grandchildren was warm and wonderful.

  9. I love seeing pictures of you and your family. I feel so bad for Arnold and hope he beats that cancer. Laurie looks like a very sweet, caring wife. Bet both your sisters are fun to be with. I've just been enjoying your Christmas post, something I look forward to.

  10. Always good to keep family gatherings going. Look how young it keeps your family!

  11. Ah monday again and no company, just trying to fight off a head cold that someone gave! Good excuse for resting and recuperating!

  12. It’s so wonderful that you were all able to get together. This is really a season of family togetherness. I wish we could have stayed longer in Maryland and Illinois with our kids. However, it’s really nice to be back in the warmth too. Still don’t have my act together to start my blog yet. I think it will have to be next week. Have a fabulous new year celebration, Linda!

  13. Happy New Year! Aloha from Hawaii.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with Arnold and Laurie during the treatments. They surely need all the love and support you can give them! Happy New Year to you and Tom!


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