Thursday, December 19, 2019

Slowing Down

It's December the 19th, two days before the winter solstice. At 2:30 in the afternoon it is very dark outside, partly because the sky is heavy with rain clouds. It is raining steadily and 43 degrees, the worst kind of weather. It's a good day to stay indoors. And that's what we're doing.

The baking is done, including the Swedish cardamom bread, which I baked yesterday and put into the freezer to await Christmas morning. The gift shopping is done, and except for one package to arrive from Amazon tomorrow, everything is wrapped.
We'll leave the wrapping station up for a while. No doubt Jake will have things to wrap on Christmas Eve, and Jill might have to do some secret work here too.

I have the rest of the afternoon to take it easy. I got out the old vinyl records and cranked up the turntable. I'll get out of my chair to turn the records over and load a new one, but that's about it.

At 5:00 I'll have to interrupt my reverie to watch the Democrat Debate, but at least we have enough left overs from yesterday that I don't have to cook much. 

This evening we'll pack up cookie tins to distribute to friends at breakfast tomorrow and to one friend who is house ridden now. 

Slowing down is nice. 


  1. I've been taking it easy today too. It's not weather to be outside, although I did get a walk in before the rain.
    My baking is also done, now I can relax and wait for Christmas.

  2. Slowing down just before Christmas is very peaceful.

  3. Lots to do ... but it all gets done. Lovely Christmas music always helps to make the tasks seem easier.
    STOPPED LOOKED and LISTENED to the debates. (wish I could find the old TV tables we used to set up as we watched)

  4. I haven't seen a vinyl record or record player in ages! What a lovely thing to see. I thought this was the best debate yet. I feel confident we'll have a good candidate to beat Trump. :-)

  5. Looks like you are set to go for the big day. Enjoyed seeing that turntable and a vinyl record. Ah those were the days.

  6. Nice that you have LP albums and a record player to play them on. We donated ours to Goodwill decades ago. Lol.

  7. You deserve a slow down. You have been so busy. I love those Christmas albums. I think I have them all either in vinyl or cassette tapes. ha.. I also have Johnny Mathis which is one of my favorites. Enjoy your day off.

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  9. My favorite days are when I can do nothing - no plans, no appointments, no visitors, and leftovers. I sound like a bah humbug. I do believe that is what I am becoming as I get older. And I love it, which is bad. Maybe.


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