Sunday, March 29, 2020

An Anniversary and a Dream

It was a year ago today, March 29th, that we quietly celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, having decided after much thought, that we would delay our big bash until July to coincide with my 75th birthday. We sent out save-the-date notices and began planning, booking a caterer and party rentals and purchasing all of the supplies we would need.  It all paid off when we hosted our very successful 50/75 Celebration.

As our anniversary approached this year we were in a very different situation. We have been dealing with social isolation now for almost a month. Parties are out, and even going out to dinner is not possible. 

All of that was apparently on my mind one night last week when I dreamed that we had planned a party and sent out save-the-date notices, but then that all went by the wayside because of the "plague". In my dream Tom and I were sitting at home on the day of, thinking ,"What if someone shows up?"

No, they wouldn't. Surely they know not to. And then a car full of people arrived! Tom invited them into the house! There they were filling up all of the seating in my family room and I was desperately trying to figure out what to feed them. If I used up all of our food we would have to go back to the grocery store!

Then, in my dream, I got mad and I was trying to figure out how I could get these family members politely out of my house! What the hell were they thinking? They shouldn't be in my house!

As sleep turned to twilight sleep, I realized I needed to wake up, and I did, but I was still so overwrought about how to get them out of my house, that I just had to get up and distract myself. It took a long time to settle down. I had had my first Coronavirus nightmare.  

I am happy to report that we had a simple, pleasant anniversary day today. I exercised, I rode my stationary bike, I baked brownies, and we went for a short walk in sunshine! Tom worked in his greenhouse. 

This evening we had a yummy home cooked meal, pot roast. 

And brownies for dessert. 

We really wanted ice cream, but we are not letting ice cream in the house either. It's too hard keeping weight off when all we really want to do is sit around and eat. We are allowed whipped cream though. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! But your dinner looks wonderful and a quiet relaxing celebration with just the 2 of you and brownies sounds perfect in this hectic time. (I made brownies today too!)

  2. Well, happy anniversary. I hope you will soon be out on the street again and have an opportunity to celebrate with others.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That dinner looks delicious.

  4. What a horrible nightmare! That would have been a nightmare for me, virus or no virus, I dislike parties so much. I swear, sometimes I don't know how I survived my own wedding. Looks like you had a lovely, quiet anniversary, which is just my style. Your meal looks delicious.

  5. I never dream it seems, so maybe it's a blessing. Your dinner looks delicious. Happy anniversary! Aloha from Hawaii.

  6. You two are so darn cute. Happy Anniversary!
    I have not had a nightmare but I do have periods of just feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

  7. Happy anniversary from me, too. I love the look of your delightful meal, and sometimes I remember to be grateful for my sweet partner and tell him so. What a different experience I'd be having during this time without him. :-)

  8. Happy Anniversary. So sorry it corresponded with this isolation period. Know you will really enjoy the double celebration in July. No Covid nightmares yet and hope I don't. That sounded really unsettling.
    Keep staying safe you two.

    1. The July celebration happened last year. No need for big celebrations this year.

  9. Your dream shows how all of us are getting stressed and not realizing it! Hang in there and Happiest of Anniversaries.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Take care and stay well.

  11. Good thing the big celebration was last year! Happy Anniversary! Your supper looks like ours except I mashed the potatoes and we had pork not beef. Stay safe!

  12. Happy anniversary!! Sorry about your nightmare; I think if I had had that dream I would have woken up most upset too.

  13. Happy anniversary and this is one time when I don't wish for your dreams to come true. Hope you get a better dream tonight!

  14. What a big difference in years. This one is for the books. Your dinner looks celebration worthy. Yummmy. I am starting to get sick of my own cooking. ha... Happy Anniversary!


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