Thursday, September 23, 2021


 Those of you who have been following my blog for a long time have watched my grandchildren grow up. This photo was taken in 2008, shortly after I started blogging. 

Isaac would be five here, Irene three, and Jake much younger too.

Yesterday Isaac started his first day of college classes. 

Isaac is now a freshman at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. Yes, that same Bellingham that our blogger friend DJan loves so much. It is a beautiful town in a beautiful area of our state, and a great place to spend one's college days. Jake is also a graduate of WWU.

On Sunday Jill and Isaac drove up to Bellingham to move him into his dorm. Unlike the free-for-all of moving in that I remember, they had appointments for their move-ins because of Covid.
Ah, dorm life. Minimal, but also streamlined. Much less to have to take care of.

Once moved in they came back home, since classes wouldn't start until Wednesday, and besides they had a date for Sunday.

Jill has three season tickets to the Seahawks. She sells half of them to pay for the other half. They brought along Isaac's good friend Conner for a final fling. Too bad the game ended in an overtime loss.

Then Monday morning, while everyone else was at school or work, Isaac said goodbye to his kitty and drove away to his new life as a collage student.

We parents and grandparents are still dealing with his growing up so darn fast. Fortunately we will see him again soon for a big family celebration. And Bellingham is only a short two hours away. 


  1. Well, congratulations to Isaac, and goodness knows time sure flew by so very fast! I don't live near the college, but I'd recognize him if I saw him on the street, and I would definitely introduce myself.

  2. what's really strange is when your grandkids get married and start presenting you with GREAT GRAND KIDS. Then you know you are really! Interesting how they raised their beds to store stuff underneath-new type of bunk beds?

  3. Congratulations to Isaac! My niece started university this year too. It's an exciting time anyway, but Covid changes have made it more unusual. All of her classes are still on-line, even though the university buildings are open.

  4. Congrats to Isaac. Wow, I wasn't here when he was just a wee one but have watched him grow. Wow, does time fly.
    Can see the purpose of those high beds but you would have to be young and agile just to get in.

  5. Time certainly does fly! Hope Isaac has a wonderful experience at WWU. My younger daughter is a graduate and enjoyed her years there.

  6. They DO grow up and leave the nest. When my first born went away to college (University of Washington) I was ready to let go. Having 4 children did that to me. The family rule was that they all had to go away for college rather than live at home and go to a local community college or the University of Hawaii. I SO looked forward to an empty nest but only had that pleasure for about a year because a couple of them came back.

  7. All the best to Isaac in this new chapter of hie life. GD C started at UFV which is about 10 minutes away. No dorm life for her (she's not the kind of girl that would enjoy it anyway. A real home body.)

  8. When kids move away it's a bitter sweet time. we want them to leave and grow but it's hard to let them go. Best wishes to Isaac.

  9. I think that is just amazing. He is a tall, handsome, and smart lad. Good for him, and I wish him the best.

  10. Good gosh! I have seen Isaac grow up and I can’t believe he’s so tall, handsome and already going to college. Wow! I know you all must be so very proud of him.

  11. Way to go Isaac, good choice as I have heard it is a great school. A cousin sent his daughter there and she loved it. I bet Irene will really miss him!


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