Sunday, September 5, 2021

Farmer's Market

 I like to go to farmers markets and we hadn't been to one since the beginning of the pandemic. It was time. Besides, it was Saturday of Labor Day weekend and I needed a diversion, something more than just trips to the grocery store. 

Well, there was that short vacation at Rockaway Beach, and a Sounders match at the stadium last weekend with 45,000 people. But we lost that match and erased it from our minds.

So, Saturday, we arrived at the Puyallup Farmer's Market about 10:00. There were fewer vendors than in the past, but the produce looked good. 

I bought some local corn on the cob, some beets and beet greens, a couple of Asian pears (apple pears, which I like to call prapples), some Italian plums, and a bakery goody. 

I love looking at the wares of the flower vendors. 

Lots of beautiful dahlias and happy sunflowers.

The crowd was moderate, and people were enjoying looking a the crafts and eating goodies from the food vendors and food trucks. We have a new outdoor mask mandate starting Tuesday, but we wore our masks anyway. 

I noticed the trees already going golden in the parking lot.
With another destination in mind after we left the farmers market, we stopped at a nearby Starbucks for a treat. It was a perfect  day for sitting outside. Tom decided to celebrate September with a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone. I stuck to my coffee flavored latte and something chocolate. 
The corn and the beets were in the refrigerator, but I did remember to take a photo of our other purchases. That raspberry almond bar was delicious for evening dessert.
I needed an evening task, since I had been sitting for much of the afternoon, so I turned the plums into a galette. When we had Italian prune plums I used to love making one plum pie a year. Well, I had plums. I made a rustic pie, easier and just as good. I look forward to tasting it this evening. Will it taste like the plum pies of old?


  1. Well, no matter how it tastes, that plum pie looks incredibly scrumptious! And thank you for the bounty of flowers to enjoy. Just beautiful...

  2. Excellent produce at your market. we never see such high quality produce.

  3. Your rustic pie looks great! The flowers were all so pretty too!

  4. All the flower photos are so beautiful. I never can decide if I like the bright gaudy colours or the pastels.
    The rustic plum pie looks delicious. Plum jam is one of my favourite jams and I mostly used the ones we got for that purpose. Bought more pears today. It's great to have all the produce available (more or less local.)

  5. I have been going to the little farm market in town but I have not made it to any of the larger weekly markets in the area. I felt a twinge of longing to go to the Burlington Arts festival and the Waitsfield Craft Fair but did not end up attending either. Both events had gotten so popular and crowded that I had stopped going pre-COVID and now I have gotten super used to not being in a crowd. But I do know I will have to resign myself to the fact that arts and craft show venues are not ging to have a special "Just of Olga" day.

    1. Venues not having a special "Just for [Mmeee]" day. Wise words Olga - words, which evidently are so lost on most people.

  6. Oh my, that plum galette looks absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

  7. wow, your plum dessert looks yummy! great outing...we are still in 100 plus degree weather.

  8. Smart move about the masks. If they are mandated Tues, a little early won't hurt. Wish we would mandate here. My, all the fruit and flowers were enough to turn a day around. And that pie? Wow!! That looks marvelous. Tom's scone would have made my day.

  9. It looks like they've moved the market back to its original location(for a while they had it on some city streets instead of at Pioneer Park) and that you were at the Fred Meyer Sbux. I live in Puyallup and need to go down to the market one of these days.

  10. As usual the farmer's markets in the northwest are far superior to ours!!

  11. You leave me in suspense! How was the plum pie?

  12. Oh gosh! Yuuuuum! I'm always so amazed at the gorgeous bouquets you find at the Seattle markets.


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