Friday, September 10, 2021

September Flowers

My garden is kind of a mess . Things get scraggly this time of year but it is not time to start cutting back yet. There are still blooming things. If I just take close ups you get the beauty without the mess. 

Maybe there's a lesson there. Focus on the beauty and not the chaos. 

Vancouver Centennial geranium 

Gertrude Jekyll rose.

A self seeded poppy, above, in it's messy nest, below. 

Sedum Spectibile 'Brilliant' 

I forget :-)

More sedums


Echeveria, struggling fuchsia ( It was moved and cut back hard, but is coming back)

Fall blooming hardy cyclamen 
a favorite fancy leaf geranium

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope', hardy fuchsia, geranium

Asters and marigolds in the vegetable/cutting garden. 


It's cloudy and cool here today, only 64 at 4:00. I'm good with that. I will be happy to say goodbye to heat, just not summer yet. Let the blooming continue. 


  1. Beautiful! I am in awe of the varieties and the colors. I rescued a dahlia this year from the garden center; it was down to a few straggly leaves but it has finally come back and blessed me with a bloom and another couple of buds. Of course they aren't hardy to this zone so I'll have to bring it in the house and rest it over the winter.

  2. It's getting close to the end of blooms. I guess it's one last big push to the end.

  3. You still have a variety of lovely blooms in your garden. The Sedum sure gets to shine at this time of the year. I'm enjoying my Postman's Pride ( first year I have it).

  4. Your "messy" garden is simply beautiful! :-)

  5. Really liked "Focus on the beauty and not the chaos." A good way to get through a lot of stuff today. Thanks for the beauty.

  6. Those Asters are so beautiful...yes focus on the beauty!

  7. LOve your beautiful blooms, but especially the dahlias this time of year.

  8. These photos are so gorgeous! How wonderful to have so much beauty around you.

  9. I do love dahlias but we have to dig the bulbs up in the fall so I am too lazy to plant them. Your garden, as always, is breath-taking.


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