Friday, September 17, 2021

Whidbey Getaway Part 2: The Bay, The Lagoon, The Garden

 While it is lovely most of the time on Useless Bay, certain light at certain times of the day, on certain days, creates magic.

The neighbor's dahlias glow at sunset right on the beach. 

Deer Lagoon at the golden hour.
And on a crystal clear morning.

In the cabin garden, Tom planted tulip bulbs recycled from our town garden while I clipped the lavender. Then I helped him finish up the planting. In Freeland we bought some bags of compost to top dress the areas where we planted bulbs. 

It's looking bare because many of the annuals and some of the perennials didn't make it through the heat and drought, but it will no doubt erupt with seedings of columbine, poppy and Rose Campion in the spring. 


  1. The garden beds around your cabin are looking very tidy. I enjoyed the sky pictures. Some of them are calendar-worthy!

  2. Nothing like being prepared for spring. Good planning.

  3. Those photos are so gorgeous, Linda. You and Tom are a marvel. I'm always so impressed at how you keep both properties so beautifully tended throughout the year.

  4. Like Kay, I am always amazed how you to keep both gardens at home and on Whidbey looking to great and you still have time to play. I really like your use of driftwood for boarders.

  5. wow planting for spring already and we are still trying to get rid of summer which this year seems never ending~

  6. Simply magical indeed. I love those magnificent dahlias, and the gorgeous light you captured.

  7. The gardens must be easier to maintain than grass. Such a pretty place!


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