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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Whidbey Getaway Part 1

We are back from a short stay at our Whidbey Island Cabin and we have had a busy day back home, getting regrouped and settled in before the rain storm hits us on Friday and Saturday.

On the island we did some work and some play and some nothing. That downtime might be the best.

Of course I have pictures, so I will divide this Whidbey trip up into some sections. 

I guess I'll start with some time in Langley since that's what we did on the afternoon of our first day, and then we were back there on the afternoon of the second day. We had to go back for ice cream, since we had our work done that morning. 

The ice cream shop, Sprinklz, now inhabits the shop where the Garden Shed of the Chocolate Flower Farm used to be. The Garden Shed has moved back to the actual farm, which we visited the day before and had a nice visit with Marie, the proprietor and "chocolate flower farmer".

The ice cream was yummy and the setting, overlooking Saratoga Passage, was lovely. That double decker cone was Tom's. I behaved myself with two half scoops in a cup, but I was envious. 

We strolled around town a bit and stopped in at the sculpture garden adjacent to an  art gallery.

A real live bunny. They are prolific in Langley. 

We didn't see any whales, but we did hear the Orcas were around a few days ago. That pinkish building is the old Dog House Tavern and dance hall. After many years it is slowly being resurrected. 
Back at the cabin, after an evening meal, we took a little stroll on the beach road and then over to the beach by the bay.
The grasses in our garden glowed in the setting sun. 

Sunset on Useless Bay.

Mount Rainier in the purple haze. 
Moon, mountain, and gull. Good night. 


  1. It's all so beautiful, but for me the sun low over the water is always going to capture my heart.

  2. Fall is a nice time to be out. Great sunsets in the fall!

  3. We spent 12 days in a rental just outside of Langley recently. I reread your descriptions of places you posted about on the island. We loved them all especially Mukilteo. coffee roasters. The garden attached to the art gallery is lovely and peaceful. Thank you for posting

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures. The sculpture garden looks like a great place to wander especially on a lovely Fall day.
    That ice cream sure looks good too!

  5. I am missing ice cream since I have started dieting. But I will be joining you in a month or so! Love the sky pictures especially. :-)

  6. You really took good advantage of your play time. I really liked the stone boarders and that fat bunny. Must be good grub for that fellow. Glad you got in some nothing time also. That usually is my favorite part.

  7. lovely seeing all that water and greenery!

  8. As usual, your pictures are beautiful. That real live bunny is big and pretty. Ice cream has always been my weakness. We eat ice cream every night but I now have mine in a half cup measuring cup. Have lost a few pounds too. :) Love your header picture.

  9. That sculpture of the whale is outstanding! Just love it. And what beautiful views!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Linda. That sky is magnificent. I know it would be bad of me, but that double decker chocolate would be really hard to least it looked like chocolate.


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