Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 We expected a rainy day. We thought of things we could do inside.

We never get an early start around here, unless we have to. Most of the time we don't have to. 

I have dropped out of our teacher friends Zoom meetings, since we see most of the same people on Friday, and Tuesday morning is when I do one of my three-times-a-week physical therapy workouts. We made it just in time for our 9:30 starts, Tom at the computer and me on the carpeted floor in the bedroom. 

If I am slow, which I was today, it takes me about an hour and a half, an hour and a quarter on good days. Tom finished up before I did and went out into the garage to work on his indoor project, shaping and wiring bonsai. 

This is a new one, just beginning training, that will go to sister Jan.
This afternoon while I was outside, Charilie/Mewdini found me and joined Tom in the garage. He got his much sought after head rub. 
I see that Tom has glued the broken petal on the wounded glass flower. Tape is holding it till it dries and then it will join the rest already stowed in the attic. We did that yesterday. There is usually some project waiting for Tom on the work bench or out in the greenhouse. 

This morning after PT I joined him in the garage to do a workout on the stationary bike we keep out there. It seems most of my projects involve keeping myself moving, pretty much a full time job. 

We noticed that it wasn't raining and it was getting sunny, but it was windy and cold, below 60, which after a warm summer feels cold to us. And everything was drenched from the heavy rain overnight, so we stuck to our indoor plans. 

When I wandered outside after my late lunch hour, I captured a bit of that sunshine. Taking photos and posting them on blogs is always a fun project for me. 

I wandered down to the deck, a place I don't frequent much this time of year. It's a mess, but it will get messier. Cleaning it up is a project in waiting. 

I was rewarded, however, with this pretty Abutilon in bloom in a pot on the deck. 

I do have an indoor project to work on. It has only been months in progress. I look at it more than I work on it.

I am not a quilter and these quilt block patterns are a challenge, as well as a way to use up scrap material.  I might even get a few seams sewn today before I take time for a little reading before I stop to cook dinner. 

Cooking dinner is a daily project too. 


  1. You have a very good sense of color and coordination. Your little quilt project is outstanding!

  2. I like the small quilt projects myself. That Albutilon is just gorgeous.

  3. Sometimes we need a day inside just for a break.

  4. Your Abutilon looks like a hanging hibiscus. :- )
    You are both so very talented. Sorry to say, Art has given up on his bonsai plants. Tom is truly a gifted bonsai artist.

  5. Ooh that Albutilon is lovely. So nice that you and Tom have activities that work out great for a rainy day.

  6. Nice photos! Nice to have some projects to keep you occupied, too.

  7. I enjoy looking at your projects. And I know what you mean about keeping fit being a full time job these days. :-)

  8. I know I enjoy seeing your projects as well. The only quilting I've done is a small top for my grandson's father. It didn't matter if the seams were straight (they weren't).

  9. Such pretty flowers especially the sunflowers!

  10. wow how fun-love your quilt project. We are enjoying 73 degree weather today and it feels cool. Ran some errands then off to the fruit market and then of course lunch at our favorite Mexican place-fajitas. Love being retired...then it's time for a nap before looking for projects to do inside...

  11. I've not heard of Abutilon but the flower sure is pretty.
    It's nice to have some indoor projects for the rainy days. I like the quilt project you're working on. Nice colours.


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