Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 Today is the last day of summer for 2021. That is not a favorite milestone for me, and yet, when Autumn comes, I am somehow ready for it.

We are having a beautiful day here, very cool and crisp around the edges. It will take most of the day to warm up to the predicted 76, and then the temperature will drop quickly once the sun goes down. 

I know it gets chilly fast because last night I was on the sidelines at 7:00 watching Irene playing soccer for the beginning of a new high school soccer season. The game started under a pretty sunset sky.

It got dark. It does that much earlier now. Irene played on the JV team for this game and got lots of playing time, running the whole game, long blonde hair flying. They won handily. 

We had just come off of a bad sports weekend for Seattle. Losing the home opener is a new experience for our Seahawks, and for their many football fans. It didn't help my mood that the Sounders lost on the road the day before. They don't do that often either. 

We had a lot of rain over the weekend. That's very new after a very long dry summer. We needed it, and the wildfires needed it. Now Tom will have to start mowing the lawn more often, but he also has a lot of lawn repairing to do. 

We will take advantage of the dry days now to get some yard work done. There is cleaning up to do after the wind and rain of the weekend. A new season begins tomorrow, and Autumn means cleaning up and putting away outside.

We got new phones yesterday! Since Apple is launching their new iPhone 13, there are good deals on the iPhone 12. We spent over two hours yesterday with a very nice young woman, Arantxa, at the local T-Mobile store, making the crossover from Sprint to T-Mobile - same company now - and selecting our new phones and accessories. By the time we left everything that was on our old iPhone 8 was now on our new 12's and we were back in business.

My new phone is a pretty coral color and I decided to go with a little bling, adding a glittery clear case. Fun. Of course a new phone these days means a new camera and I had to try it out right away.

Charlie/Mewdini showed up to pose. Of course he was looking for a little something in that dish.
And of course there are still flowers to photograph.

A little fall, a little summer.

My photos traveled on the iCloud right to my desktop computer, where I found them later, just like they are supposed to. Every tech transition should be this smooth. And the photos look great!

So that's what's new around here. I've finished my old PT routine for this morning and it's time for me to go outside. I'm hoping for a bit of new enthusiasm and energy in my life. I'll work on it as I move into this new season.

Happy Autumn!


  1. Two of my son-in-laws are from Seattle so they were also disappointed in the Seahawk game. Congrats on your new phones! So much to learn with them, and your photos are great!

  2. Your I-phone has a great camera, wonderful photos!

    Better luck to the Seahawks and Sounders in their next games.

  3. Wasn't it just the loveliest day? The perfect end to summer.

  4. Good luck on the goals in your last paragraph. We've got to keep active . sometimes it's a challenge to be active.

  5. Well the pictures are certainly impressive. I think my phone is a 6 but no plans for a new one yet. I am always way behind on technology advances.

  6. wow I hear the new cameras on iphone are wonderful...I can't get my photos to show on my desk computer from my iphone 6...yes fall is here and the air is cooler in the mornings-HURRAH!

  7. Congratulations on getting a new iPhone. Everybody's dream!

  8. Congrats to Irene on the win. At least one of your teams won. Love the color of your phone (coral my favorite) and it really takes great pictures. I don't have cell service here so I don't have anymore than a flip phone for emergencies on the road but it would almost be worth getting one for the handy camera.

  9. You have convinced me it's time for me to get one of those new 12s. The pictures are fantastic!

  10. Each new upgrade of the iPhone creates even more awesome photos. Art has the 12 and it does so much more than my XR. I’m still happy with my XR though. Your photos really look fabulous, Linda. Lucky you!!!


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