Saturday, September 25, 2021

Fall Is About To Fall

 It's a beautiful Saturday evening. The UW Huskies are playing football on the TV on the small screen over my shoulder as I sit at the desktop computer. The light outside is slowly fading and we pass 7:00.

Tom and I are tired. The weather is changing tomorrow, from warm and sunny - it was 78 today - to cold and wet. We had to make hay while the sun shines.

Tom has been working all week to get the lawn repaired so it would be ready for the rains. He has spent hours and a lot of elbow grease, thatching the dead grass and moss from large patches of lawn that were fried way back at the end of June.  Then he spread grass seed and a layer of compost. Today he finished. Let it rain!

It seemed early, but because I don't know when the next warm, dry day will be, I decided to "pick" all of the glass flowers and wash them and get them ready to store in the attic. That kept me busy for three hours this morning, plus more time this afternoon carrying them from their drying tarp out on the lower yard up into the garage. We can get them stowed away while it's raining. 

Then I harvested the ripe or almost ripe tomatoes and peppers. Tomorrow I'll roast, chop, and freeze some of the peppers. 

Charlie/Mewdini came to visit and check out all of the activities.  He seemed pretty laid back, with his eyes at half mast, in the summery weather. 

It's not all work around here. On Thursday we had lunch with our breakfast group with our friend Jeanne hosting. She is in fragile health and doesn't make it to breakfast now, but she really wants to host an occasional gathering in her home. We make that happen.

I'm there but I'm taking the picture. 

And of course we still went to breakfast the next morning. It was Friday, after all. 

And now we get ready for a weather change. TV Seahawks football and Sounders soccer will keep me occupied on Sunday, along with all of the exercises that keep me mobile.  There are more social gatherings in the coming week.  The new season of TV kicks in this week. 

Fall is falling. 


  1. Your yard and garden are amazing! I know how much work you put into it, but it’s all definitely something to be proud of. I’m so glad you were able to have such a lovely get-together. I’m missing having those.

  2. I always admire your garden but sure don't envy the work that goes into it. Still it has to make you proud when it is in its full glory.
    How thoughtful to have that get together for your friend. I miss those too but we just have quit having them thanks to Covid. Your Fall season sounds promising.

  3. I'm glad Tom still has the energy to get all that done. Neither of you takes a lot of time off between projects. I'm hoping your sports teams both win. Or at least have a good game! :-)

  4. Your industry makes me feel like such a slacker. I should have mowed what's left of my lawn before the rains come. I'm not even sure my mower still starts!

  5. Gardening is a lot of work but it's very rewarding.

  6. I hope your lawn comes back as green and lush as it was. That's a nice basket of tomatoes and peppers. I think with the rainy week coming we may pull our plants out too. Maybe hang them in the garage and see how many tomatoes will still ripen.

  7. It is still our forever summer here. A bit more rain, but I'll take whatever water we can get. Speaking of water, my Seattle daughter's water bag broke and a new grandson will soon be here!

  8. yes even in the desert it is cooling, finally. i love fall!

  9. How wonderful that you include your fragile friend. Your glass flowers look great, I just leave mine out and wash them outside from time to time...snow does a good job:)

  10. It must be a job washing all the glass flowers. All of them are beautiful. The flowers in your header picture are breathtaking...and came from your yard, I can tell.

    Glad I looked back at your last post. So hard to believer Irene and Issac are grown now. I remember thinking, when I found your blog, that They were the most adorable children I had ever seen...and they still are beautiful. Jake is a handsome man too. I've sure enjoyed every post about your family. Time flies, doesn't it!


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