Sunday, August 14, 2022

At the Beach: Day 1

 We returned from our three day trip to Rockaway Beach Saturday evening. I have been trying to decide how to post my photos, and have decided to go day by day.

Day 1 starts with getting there. After my Orthopedic appointment, we finished packing and hit the road. We crossed the Columbia River into Oregon at Longview. 

Lewis and Clark Bridge
At Astoria the Columbia meets the Pacific. It was time for a stop and a stretch. We did a short walk along the river walk. I love the views here, and the blue sky and warm breeze were wonderful.  

That's the bridge to Washington over the mouth of the river in the distance. 
We headed south on Hwy 101, the Pacific Coast Hwy. At Neahkahnie Mountain overlook we made the required stop. From here we could see that the weather way down the coast was clear. 
We have arrived: Rockaway Beach and Twin Rocks.
The view from the front porch of the cabin. 
We went for an evening walk and caught the sunset.

Tom had to get closer. 

He was joined by Sandpipers. 

Evening in the cabin involved reading and eating ice cream and brownies. Jill had stocked up on four favorite kinds of Tillamook ice cream. The brownies were warm, just baked before we went for our walk. Jill and Irene spoiled us. We loved it. 


  1. So very wonderful. I always enjoy coming along on these great trips. That ice cream and brownies sure sound good! :-)

  2. Wow! That is so very beautiful. And with ice cream and warm brownies, it makes it a perfect day.

  3. Love those twin rocks and the sunset was stunning. Like how you take your time, stop and enjoy the views. Ice cream and warm brownies are a perfect topping for a lovely day.

  4. Do tell us what is your favorite? We just got Tillamook Ice Cream at the grocery store in town. I have not tried it yet. I do love their cheese! Beautiful beach...I bet you had a wonderful time:)

  5. Beautiful sunset and the bonus is you got to go for walk during this sunset.

  6. The sunset photos are just beautiful. What a wonderful place to visit.

  7. I love sunsets what a beautiful one! And such beautiful family pictures !

  8. These pictures are so beautiful. That sunset is breathtaking. Love your family pictures.


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