Monday, August 29, 2022

Taking Notes

 Friday's experiment with numbing my hip didn't last long enough. The relief it provided enabled me to walk a mile three minutes faster than I had before, while standing upright. That's something. I noticed other improvements during the day and took notes which I emailed to my Sports Med Doc. He replied this morning, thanking me for my detailed response, which he is sending on to my Ortho doc. It's an ongoing process. 

On Saturday we spent most of the day garden touring in the Olympia area with our garden group. We saw four large gardens, had lunch out together, and I did a  lot of walking, which is a good thing.

I'll share some photos of some of the gardens we visited. Here's the first batch.

The garden of Kerry and Judy Hart on Summit Lake:

The garden of Judy Montour and Dorian Sanchez:

This plant won't wilt in the heat. :-)

More on another day. I appreciate any garden right now that is green and fresh. It's heating up again this week and our garden is looking tired. The water bill is too high already.


  1. These don't hold a candle to your garden which is so much more colorful and better designed. Very glad to hear you are able to walk farther.

  2. Wish the shot had lasted longer but the improvement you got was nice and it did let you walk around those lovely gardens plus a personal best for your mile. Keep it going and so hope this is the answer.

  3. Lots of inspiration in these gardens. Yes, the water bills will be horrendous but what can one do? We're not about to get rid of our Hydrangeas and Astilbes and other plants that absolutely have to be watered.

  4. Beautiful gardens. I'm glad you were able to tour and share.

  5. Those are lovely gardens. I am not looking forward to the heat. :-(

  6. Lovely gardens. I'm glad you had some relief, but I do wish it would last longer for you.

  7. Pretty gardens. Sorry that the numbing shot only worked for a short time. Hope the Dr's can figure out something long term:)

  8. Gracious! All that bonsai is impressive. And can those be banana trees? They sure look like small banana trees.


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