Sunday, August 21, 2022

Last Week

 My posts last week were all about the week before and our time at the Oregon Coast. So now at the end of this week I am posting about what was going on while I was posting those. Maybe eventually I'll catch up. 

It was pleasantly warm and there were lunches outside. 

I picked new flowers for the house.

We finally got our first tomatoes, and I featured some in a Caprese salad that was part of our charcuterie board dinner one night. Also featured, sea salt, fig/ginger jam from the Blue Heron, hard cheese from the Nestucca Creamery, goat cheese and other fixings from Safeway, and fresh basil from our garden. 

On Friday I finally got an appointment with my Physical Therapist. Erica corrected some mistakes I was making, added and subtracted some exercises, and prescribed a stationary bike workout five days a week instead of going for walks. With so many "multifactorial" issues, it's difficult to know what and how much to prescribe. I started on the new routine this morning. 

Saturday I did do some walking. We went to the Puyallup Farmer's Market. We hadn't been all summer and it's our favorite market. 

Immigrant farmers grow lots of flowers in our valleys here and our markets are brimming with beautiful bouquets to purchase

The park is well adorned also. 
There are lots of different craft items. 

The market was very busy, with lots of people enjoying the food for sale as well. 

Flowers and more flowers, and it you want a special arrangement, they will make it for you. 

There was produce, of course.
Lots of goodies that we resisted.
Locally grown berries. 

And all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

We came away with corn on the cob, baby cucumbers, and beets and beet greens. With what we have in our small garden, we will be eating lots of vegetables this week. 


  1. Some of the Farmer's markets are huge. Our local famer's market is very large with much more than fresh produce.

  2. What gorgeous bouquets at the Farmers Market. I always admire the bouquets that you make for your home. Your Dahlias and Zinnias have obviously done very well this summer and provided you with endless blooms.
    I'm looking forward to eating lots of fruit & veggies this week after indulging in a bit too many birthday sweets on the weekend.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! If it's one thing we noticed right away when we visited Seattle, it was that you have so so many gorgeous floral bouquets sold at all the markets.

  4. Ooh what a fun market. Like Granny I loved the arrangements but they were no better than the ones you do. You always do such a great job. That first platter looks much like my dinner every night. And thanks for the reminder of goat cheese. I need to get some.

  5. Such beautiful flowers! I do hope this new regimen helps with your mobility issues.

  6. What an incredible market! The flowers are so lovely and all the various products are wonderful. We don't have anything like that here, not even on a smaller scale.

  7. Such beautiful Dahlias in the bouquets what fun to see! Your bouquet of Dahlias and Zinnia is equally pretty! Have fun on the bike to nowhere...a least you can read while biking!

  8. Such a bounty of flowers and produce! Seattle at its finest.

  9. A lot to see and eat in your area. Enjoy!

  10. Oh Linda, I've missed you! That is the pretiest farmer's market! Makes the ones around here look like nothing. I'm going now to enjoy your trip to the beach and and see your beautiful family.

  11. What a beautiful market I love all the flowers colours so beautiful and lots of good fruits to eat.


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