Monday, August 1, 2022

Keeping Old Stuff

 We have a wooden planter on the front porch that we have had for many years, at least 20, maybe more. The other day Tom noticed that the bottom was falling out and the the plants were about to fall through. He rescued them.

Yesterday, when it was still hot, he set up in the garage and rebuilt it, using old lumber he had stored forever under the work bench.

I thought it was a good excuse to throw out the old plants and start fresh, but he put the old ones back in and told me I can't touch them. Well, OK, I guess. I'll have to stay clear with my snippy scissors though. 

It has been hot, six days in the mid-90's. I don't wear shorts anymore. I have "solid" legs, and I have gained weight since I last bought short pants. I found a few pairs to wear, and then I found these old culottes. They must be 30 or more years old! But they still look ok and they are comfortable.  

The shirt's old too, but not that old. You can tell from my white legs that I have not been wearing shorts or sitting in the sun this year. Maybe I need to now that it is cooler.

We keep old stuff. Well, some old stuff, when we think we might still have a use for it. 

Yesterday was our sixth day of temps over 90, a record for us. I had lunch on the patio before it crept up to 95.

In the morning I took a walk around the yard. Our spindly sunflowers are beginning to bloom .

Between things not growing well this spring/summer and now the heat, flowers for picking are scarce, but I did manage to find enough for a bouquet the other day. 

Now today it's cooler. At 3:00 it has just reached 80 instead of 93. The windows are open and the air conditioner set at 75 probably won't come on downstairs. 
We are relieved.



  1. NIce to see that some people actually find a use for stuff "that might come in handy someday." But I still maintain it is rare!

  2. Your 30 year old pants look just fine to me but then I also tend to keep things forever.
    Tom did an awesome job refurbishing the planter and putting the plants back in.
    We've been setting records with the heat and I'm SO ready for cooler temps ( which is what's in the forecast).

  3. The old stuff is kept and used around here too. And you guessed it. the Micro Manager was wearing kulottes today.

  4. Both the planter wood and the pants prove that it is smart not to throw everything out. Their useful day could be right around the corner. Proof positive.

  5. The planter has been given a new lease on life. Good job Tom!
    I don't have a lot of old clothing because my weight has increased throughout the years. But I rarely buy anything new, I buy used so in a sense I guess it is old. :)

  6. I remember a co-worker used to tell me his wife was complaining she had no chance to buy new items. He's fixing anything that gets broken at home and garden. Well, With today's prices, she should be glad her husband rescues everything.

  7. You need some skorts! My daughter wears them all the time. I do not ...I like capris. We have way too much old stuff around here but sometimes we make good use of "stuff" Stay cool, I believe you sent your heat this was we are supposed to be in the 90's today, I worked outside this morning helping my husband, cleaned the bathroom did laundry and am now headed to the nap area:)

  8. I am so happy to have it bearable again! We had five days of high temperatures, and yesterday it was a delight to enjoy some cooler weather. Love the culottes.


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