Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Pageant, Chapter II: Soccer Friday and Birthday Saturday

After a full day of play with Irene, it was time for soccer practice at 5:30. Irene is great at posing, not so much at competitive play. But looking good is important! Isaac is all intense action. While looking good, too. Corey's Dad, Papa Tom, as distinguished from Grandpa Tom, stopped by with a gift for Irene. She's ready for gardening, while still lookin' good!
After we got the kids to bed, it was time to get serious about that birthday cake. On goes the first coat.
Three hours later, it is safely in the refrigerator, awaiting transport and final assembly. Jill and I were a busy team!
Saturday morning we gathered around the dining room table for gift opening. Isaac got presents too.
They like their crabby beach shirts!
Irene shows off her card from my mother, her great grandmother.
Isaac liked his hoody. He commented that the plane had a lot of detail. Don't I know it!
Irene got a new table and chairs from her parents, all the better to have tea parties on. But here they had set up her "office" and they were enjoying the gifts from Tom and me. Irene has an activity book and Isaac, a budding artist, has a sketch book and colored pencils.
Then it was time to get dressed up and head for Denver. Jill went on ahead to drop off the cake in Fort Lupton at the other grandparents. She sent us a phone photo to let us know of safe arrival of the cake. Whew!
And at noon we were seated for high tea at the Brown Palace Hotel.
What an elegant old atrium with a stained glass ceiling seven stories up.
Oh yum! The scones with cream and strawberry jam were wonderful. The finger sandwiches were delectable.
And as for that top layer, well..... Dessert, my dear? Perfection!
Irene has been practicing her "Fancy Nancy" vocabulary. How about gorgeous, glamorous, and dapper?
It was wonderful and certainly worth all of the fuss and feathers.
But there was much more to come.
I'll continue the postings from home tomorrow. Irene is back home from preschool and I am needed.
We fly home tonight.


  1. So fun to read all this and look at all the pictures. We purchased that same table and chairs for our little grandson.

    Look forward to more tomorrow.

  2. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Linda, you look so beautiful in your blouse and hat (seated). I love to wear long dresses (muumuu), and Jill and Irene certainly look stunning in theirs.

    So that is High Tea? I hope we are able to attend one in Hong Kong. That would be a highlight of our trip!

    Looking forward to more pics...

  3. How wonderfully civilized! You all look so dapper and distinguished. And that cake!!!

  4. How wonderful you all are together to celebrate such a big event in Irene's life! The photos were so nice and the birthday cake was AWESOME! Many memories were made that day I'm sure, for all of you. I would so love to attend a "high tea"!

  5. Oh, that cake! I can't add enough superlatives to the ones already here in previous comments, but it took my breath away. And those cute little painted fingernails were such a nice addition to the outfit! The High Tea had to be memorable, and it translated very well to a blog post. Thanks for bringing me along!

  6. Tack for let us see your home and your beatiful children.
    We send you all our love from Skamhed in Dalarna in Sweden.

  7. It's nice that you were all together as a family to enjoy this birthday with Irene. I like to see happy families! - Dave

  8. what a fabulour birthday party, do you have to top it next year?

  9. You folks sure know how to make a little girl feel special! All that without letting Isaac feel left out, vey nice.

  10. Oh My, an unforgettable birthday!!
    Beautiful.and soo loving!!

  11. I LOVE your outfit, too, Linda!!! Everybody looks fantastic!


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