Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jake

Sunday, April 11th, Jake will celebrate his 35th birthday. We'll be meeting him at the airport, where he is returning from Salt Lake City. You see, above all else right now, Jake is a Seattle Sounders fan, and for his birthday we gave him a trip to the soccer match between the Sounders and Salt Lake. There he met up with his sister Jill, who flew in from Denver. They've been having a great time and have been keeping us posted on Facebook and phone texts. After he arrives in Seattle we'll have dinner together.
But Jake is much more than a soccer fan.
He loves the out of doors: hiking, orienteering, playing soccer, riding his bike.
He is a good friend to many who live near him in Seattle.
He is a caring provider for his adopted cat, a rescue pet from an animal shelter. Her name is Jozy, named after a soccer player, of course. Jozy is antisocial, and runs to hide when others come, but spends a good deal of time on Jake's lap. When asked by the shelter worker "Why this one?", he said he felt they connected. They did.
Jake is a beloved uncle. Although Isaac and Irene live far away, the time they do spend together with Uncle Jake is very special.
By the way, the photo above was taken last summer on Whidbey Island. It was soccer shirt day.
Because of the recession, Jake has had only part time work for the last year, but his Aunt Jan "hires" him regularly to help her with projects at her home in Gig Harbor. They have a special bond, too. All of us have been touched by Jake, from the Sounders gear he gave us for Christmas, to the very special place he has in our hearts.
Happy Birthday, Jake.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!! What a nice tribute from your mother! I guess you know by now that you are truly loved.

  2. another birthday son...nice tribute mom to an active special and loved member of your family....

  3. How wonderful to have a mom who writes such beautiful things about you! He sounds like he was raised to be a caring person, and that didn't happen by accident. Well done!

  4. Love the header photo! Happy Birthday to Jake and what a beautiful family you all are indeed.

  5. Linda, I just love it when you write these special posts about your family. Happy birthday, Jake.

  6. Happy Birthday Jake!! What a special uncle the children have!

    Also, the photos of the beach are lovely. Why is it called "Useless Bay"?

  7. Yes, another Happy Birthday to your son Jake. You have a very loving family Linda - a credit to you. - Dave

  8. Easy to see how proud you are. Its nice to see our children grow into adults we can be proud of?

  9. Happy Birthday Jake...a bit belated, but warm wishes anyway....

  10. I'm always impressed by the closeness of your family.
    It's really heart warming that everyone stays in touch and realizes the value of family. Thanks for sharing. You extend your staying in touch with us 'readers' of your blog. ;-)
    Happy birthday Jake!!

  11. You forgot to mention that he is single!!!


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