Friday, April 30, 2010

Bloedel Reserve - Chapter I: The Meadow, The Bird Refuge Pond and The Woods

We traveled across the sound today, on the ferry from downtown Seattle, to Bainbridge Island. Our purpose was to visit a specialty nursery, but also to take the opportunity to return to The Bloedel Reserve. Bloedel Reserve is the the former estate garden of a local timber baron family which is now a treasured preserve open to the public. We have been there before, but not for a long time. We found it more spectacular than ever; so much so that I have way too many photos to share. So I will be posting in chapters through the week. We began at the Gatehouse. And then through the meadow, where bird song filled the air. At the edge of the meadow we entered a wooded area,
where native plants edged the path, like this native rhododendron,
until we came to the pond, or bird refuge.
There were only a few water fowl taking "refuge",
but this Mallard mother and her ducklings were having a great time.
Beyond the pond The Woods beckoned.
A boardwalk took us over the bog
which was home to skunk cabbage
and cobra lilies.
Old nurse logs and stumps told of the old growth that once ruled here.
But, ah, something much more civilized lurks ahead.
"Man's first recorded home was a garden, no sooner known than lost. We've been trying to return ever since." -from the Bloedel Reserve guide.
So true. And I felt like I was in Eden today.


  1. I wondered why you called them cobra lilies til I noticed the tops that look like cobra heads!

    Awesome pics, Linda! Looking forward to more tomorrow.

  2. Oh wow, Linda! That is a beautiful preserve. Thank you for taking us for this walk. It makes me want to go back to Seattle. I love it. I'll have to get ourselves to the gardens here sometime, too.

  3. Well, you WERE in paradise in that beautiful place. I just love the little baby duckling, and the amazing proliferation of greenery and flowering shrubs. Absolutely wondrous, and I look forward to MORE!

  4. glad you decided to share more photos with us. absolutely beautiful greens and freshness.

  5. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place, Linda! Love the colorful flowers and the water and ducks. Terrific reflections there in the water! Love those! Hope your weekend goes well and surely do hope we get some sun eventually!!!


  6. I think I could enjoy living in Washington. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful, I can see why you wanted to revisit this place.

  8. Oh how lovely!!!
    By the way -- I didn't have my glasses on the day I miss-read 'The Reeder Garden' as 'A Reader Garden although I still think it's a great idea!

  9. What an amazing estate. How nice that it has been preserved and opened to the public to all enjoy. I bet its beautiful all year-round. Love the photo of the mom duck and her baby!

  10. I so needed this post and the one above to get me out of my oily mood. Thank is so beautiful...


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