Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Pageant, Chapter III

Irene had a very high class birthday on Saturday. After we left the Brown Palace Hotel, we went to the Denver Art Museum. The kids have a book called Good Night Denver, which is part of a Good Night World series. They have been checking off the places they visit that are featured in the book. The art museum is one of them. It was raining lightly, the only day of rain we had, which was fine since we were spending most of it in doors anyway. The overhang of the building kept us dry. But watch out for that broom! Inside, looking out. The museum has an excellent collection of Native American art.
Try your hand at Navajo weaving.
There is also a very good collection of western art, including this work by NC Wyeth. Bang!
Well placed windows featured great peek-a-boo views.
The kids enjoyed the Children's room at the end of the tour.
Ride 'em, Isaac.
Then it was time to head to Fort Lupton, to the home of Grandma Andrea and Papa John. The fully assembled cake awaited us.
After a delicious lasagna dinner, the gifts awaited.
Irene loved her music box.
A pensive moment.
Oh, wow! A new bike from Grandma Andrea and Papa John.
Let's try it out right now!
And now, finally, it's cake time! Happy Birthday to you."
Killing the cake! Oh, no!
Andrea gets the sugar bowl.
And I got the creamer.
It was a tired but happy family that made the hour long trip back to Fort Morgan.
What a day! Tomorrow - the final chapter.


  1. I've been waiting all day for you to post this. It's too wonderful to belive. How did Jill do the handle and spout on that cake? The pictures are beautiful and you never miss anything. I loved the one of Irene with the silver tray, and everything assembled, even the number 5 on the tray so she'll always know which birthday it was.

  2. What a great way to spend a birthday holiday. I bet the kids were exhausted from all the excitement. Was the bike transported home or left at Grandma's?

    I'd like a piece of that cake!

  3. Linda, the spout and handles are made out of fondant, which is a clay-like "frosting" that you buy in a kitchen store.
    Gigi, yes the bike came home and "tomorrow" she'll ride it.

  4. What a lovely birthday girl, and birthday!!
    Wow, Love that cake.. Amazing..I wanna br little again and have a teapot cake!!

    Ok next birthday.. lol

    I think your Grandkids are so sweet!

  5. The trip to the museum brought back Colorado memories, thank you for that. But the cake! Oh it was just wonderful, and I think a music box is the best present I ever received as a kid. Nice post! Great pictures, too.

  6. I was tired just reading!!! I found it amusing that at that very interesting museum everyone took such delight at looking OUTSIDE!
    That cake still delights me.

  7. What a delightful museum--as most are.
    What a birthday--going on for days it seems.

    Happy birthday, Irene. MB

  8. Wow! Thanks for calling me so I could see this. That is THE most unbelievable birthday cake. I love the Denver art museum. The kids are as gorgeous as ever and I love her rainbow dress.

  9. A magical birthday indeed! Irene is just beautiful and I especially liked the photos of her with her birthday cake and the one of her and Isaac. What fun the museum must have been, looks like a place I could spend hours myself! What a celebration indeed for all!


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