Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Praise of Green

My favorite color in the spring? Green! I all of it's shades and hues, from almost yellow to red and purple.
And of course, Rave Green! It's almost game time. Go Sounders, Go!


  1. Beautiful! I think the reason why the greens and flowers are doing so well is that you plant the right thing in the right environment.

    I really should make an effort to do that. Too often mine are mismatched.

    Enjoy the game!

  2. You have the mostest wonderfulest garden ever! And I would just go, ooooo, and then the next one, ooooo some more, and then that smiling face at the end! I just got on here to write a new post after playing with the sewing machine all morning. I think I've patched everything I can think of, so tomorrow (or soon) I'll decide what I will actually MAKE with the new machine. Thanks for the garden tour, it was so great!

  3. I go visit your gardens for hours! They are stunning. I loved the photo of the ferns especially. I am just beginning to see green showing up here and there in our yard so there is hope that we shall soon be "green". Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  4. You should be on Home and Garden TV with your garden Linda...just awesome...

  5. I marvel at your gardens -- so much beautiful color and texture. What a great idea the reading garden is!

  6. More lovely photos of your gardens. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful- Dave


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