Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Weekend

We left Seattle Friday morning on the 6 AM flight to Denver. Corey met us and we were on our way out to Fort Morgan, with a stop at Starbucks, of course, Corey's favorite place!

At 2:00 we were at Irene's school to bring treats and catch her in the act of celebrating being six!  Of course she was wearing her new dress with matching handbag,

About 4:00 little girls arrived for a "Friends Party". Irene's best friend was sick, and several other girls couldn't make, it but that meant there was a place at the table for Isaac.
 Jill and I thought maybe four little girls at once was plenty anyway.

Isaac was needing a gift about then, so I presented the frog shirts,
and the Man Bag.  Both were hits!  I did the frog shirts because Isaac's soccer team is the Frogs FC, and each summer they go camping at a lake in Wyoming where they catch frogs, or actually toads, but close enough.
 Saturday morning we were off to the garden store, for vegetable seeds and pretty flowers.
But the planting was on hold until after soccer.  Isaac's team, Frogs FC, is coached by Jill.  The team took the field at 12:00.
 While they lost 4 to 2, nobody scored when Isaac was keeping goal.
 1-2-3, Frogs FC!  Good game, guys.
 Irene was dressed appropriately for the match, although she spent most of the time at the playground.  Her she hoists the Frog flag. 
 Back at home we watched the Sounders match on TV before taking into the garden patch.  Soil had to be prepared before seeds could be planted. The whole family pitched in.

I worked at the front of the house preparing the bed for pansies.  The kids joined me later to plant the flowers.
 About a month ago Jill bought chicks at the farm store.  They are raising them in a pen in the family room.  On nice days they get to come out and play too.

 In the evening, Jill created her latest birthday cake extravaganza, a Rainbow Unicorn cake.
 Sunday morning, Irene's real birthday arrived at last.  She dressed in her rainbows and fashion accessories.
 The table was set in preparation of birthday luncheon with two grandmothers and three grandfathers, and of course mom and dad and Isaac, too.
 After lunch, it was time for cards and presents.
 Isaac always wants to know how everything works, whether it's Lego's or Barbie horses.
 Time for cake!  Happy Birthday to you.
 Irene modeled one of her new dress up gowns, and cradled her new American Girl doll, Julie.
But the smile was beginning to fade.  I'm afraid that friend who couldn't make it to the party shared her "bug", even if she couldn't share in Irene's party.  By mid afternoon, the fever had set in.  The celebrating was over, and couch time had begun.

In spite of the final act, it was a lovely birthday pageant.

Tomorrow we set out on a little road trip while life returns to normal here in the Fort Morgan household.


  1. As a friend of mine used to say, "This is beyond belief!" I just showed this incredible post to Art and he was just exclaiming, "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

    Everything is so amazing, Linda. That dress fits Irene perfectly! It looks GREAT on her! I am... we are... totally impressed! I can see Isaac was equally thrilled...with the man bag, that is. They are such gorgeous grandchildren.

    Like Art said, "Wow!"

  2. Miss my days, when i used to enjoy in the same manner with my friends and family members :(... Nyway... Many Many Belated HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY DEAR Irene... I hope you will enjoy all your birthdays in the same manner.. :D

    Friendship Letters

  3. how fun, love all the grandma made presents...looks like the kiddos did too. what a terrific birthday. I remember holding up my fingers to say how old I was!

  4. Oh LInda,
    What a great birthday weekend with plenty of moments to share in joy and celbration!
    Your grandchildren are beautiful and it was fun watching Issac in his element as well!

  5. I hope that bug passes quickly. The pictures are so wonderful, Linda, and I simply LOVE that dress with matching handbag and rainbow headband. She is so lovely.

    You outdid yourself with this post, Linda. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you!

  6. I loved all the sewing you did and your grand children are so gorgeous. What a fun time...up until the bug joined the party. My grand daughter got a Julie AG doll for her last birthday, too. Lot's more opportunity for sewing there.

  7. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a creative and talented grandmother! I can tell Irene and Isaac are both thrilled with their gifts.

    Poor baby, coming down with that bug...I'm glad it didn't really manifest itself until after the party.

  8. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful birthday and how much family talent there is... have a great trip Linda...

  9. Everything looked perfect! I loved the dress that is worn so beautifully by your lovely model. You get the grandmother of the year award!

  10. How wonderful that you were able to celebrate Irene's sixth birthday with her and her family. What a beautiful birthday dress and accessories! Each stitch is filled with love I'm sure! What fun you must have with Irene and Isaac, from buying plants to gardening to celebrating a birthday. Yes indeed, you are certainly Grandmother of the Year! I just love looking at a very happy family's photos!

  11. Ditto the above comments, Linda! I like the birthday cake, too. How clever!

    Enjoy your road trip tomorrow.

  12. Lots of happy photos here Linda. Thanks for sharing - Dave


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