Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trip Update

It is cold, about 16 degrees as the sun rose, but clear here in Touchstone, SD.  Blue sky all around!!!

About my photos, while I used my big new Nikon for the birthday pics, I'm using my little Canon Powershot with the 10X zoom for most sight seeing shots.  It's so much easier to pack around, no lens changing, and, as you can see, takes great photos.


  1. You are using MY camera! I am still very happy with the pictures it takes, and now that I know you are using it, I am so pleased. Brrr! It's 37 degrees here, pretty cold for us, but nowhere near 16 degrees!

  2. Yes, point and shoot cameras are the best to use on sightseeing trips. I think yours is better than mine, although I don't know what zoom it is.

    Would you have preferred to travel during the early or late summer when it is warmer? We almost always travel abroad in June or July due to my having to babysit my grandson during the school year.

  3. You're using the Powershot? Holy Hannah! That's MY camera! You sure do have a steadier hand and more artistic eye than I do. Excellent photos, Linda!

  4. Your photos have been spectacular, regardless of the camera used! I've not seen Mt. Rushmore but hope to eventually. Wall Drug...I've been there. What an experience! A welcomed oasis after seemingly endless miles of driving.

  5. I do hope you are having the best time of your life! take many many pictures; we look forward to seeing those upon your return :) travel safely!


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