Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Around

It has been a week of settling in and catching up.  I've had plenty on my mind, and yet nothing to say.

We were supposed to visit my mother this week, Wednesday and Thursday, having just returned from our trip, but we couldn't face the three and a half hour drive down the freeway and then back the next day, in the rain, so we cancelled.  My mother was not happy, and for the first time ever, laid a guilt trip on me!  I know she's scared of the upcoming move, but when she said "Don't forget about me," all I could respond with was "That's not likely."  We will be going down to Molalla, OR, where she lives, on May 11th, to prepare for her move to assisted living May 14th.  My mind is constantly mulling over what we need to do to be ready. My older sister is with her today.

Then there was son Jake to worry about.  He had the stent removed from his ruptured kidney on Monday, and was cleared to play soccer.  He played for about 30 minutes Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday he was in pain again.  The Docs are non-commital, but I think he's going to need to have that malfunctioning kidney removed.  It has about 7% function, apparently just enough to cause trouble.

Other thoughts during the week:
   Donald Trump is a jackass and a media whore.
   The wedding was lovely, but almost anti-climactic.  The wedding gown beautiful, but old-fashioned.  The flowers dull, no color.  But I'm glad that the happy couple are off to a good start.

Around here, we THINK there is a weather change occurring.  We HOPE that we can start gardening for real.  We worked outside yesterday afternoon, and this morning we went to a very big plant sale and came home with lots of plants.  I'm going to go out and plant a few here in a bit.  And then we'll get ready to leave for a Sounders match at Qwest field tonight.  Woohoo!

Tomorrow we're taking off for an overnight on Whidbey Island.  The weather is supposed to be wonderful tomorrow.  We'll tidy up the garden there, walk on the beach and enjoy the sunset.  Monday we'll drive up island and over to the Skagit Valley to see what's left of the Tulip Festival.  While the official festival is over, there should still be plenty of color, since, because it has been so cold, it is really just mid-season for tulips.

And now that sunlight in the back yard is calling me.



  1. I hadn't planned to watch the royal wedding at all, fortunately, because it was all over when we got up on Friday morning. However, I saw a clip when Kate came down the aisle and William said "You look beautiful babe" and that gave me chills it was so sweet!

  2. It is so difficult to balance being a grandmother, mother and daughter. I understand how making the trip to see your mother after just getting home from a trip to see grandchildren is sometimes just too much, especially in stormy weather. I can relate. I must make the six hour drive to my mother's soon.

    I hope you can get some answers for your son's kidney problem. That has to be such a worry.

  3. Too bad about Jake, but if the kidney has such limited function, why not remove it? Good luck and best wishes to him.

    As for your mother, it must be scary to contemplate such a big change in lifestyle, as assisted living will be very different. I hope the adjustment is smooth and not too difficult.

    Enjoy the flowers, Linda!

  4. I am also hoping for this big weather change to happen. I hope you will be able to get your mom moved without any problem. It's a tough time right now for you. Thinking about you...

  5. Linda,
    I'm glad you have sunshine; that adds so much to the day! I will be thinking about your son and hoping they find a solution LInda.
    glad to see you are okay; you were kind of quiet but that's okay; do what you need to do and BTW...yes donald Trump is an real JERk...but that is putting it mildly...

  6. Enjoy your time on the Island Linda. Hope the weather is good for you - Dave

  7. I feel for you, and your mother.
    My mother died when I was only 23. She'd been sick much of her short life.
    I was so young, I mostly only knew her as a mother, not a person. I feel I lost something special in not seeing her much beyond that role.
    My grandfather lived into his 90's with one kidney. He drank a lot of water.
    I miss him, Welsh, spoke primarily in sayings.
    My fav was, " beat it while your shoes are good"

    Wishing you all well and us sunshine!!!

  8. That guilt thing is hard, I know. I'm sorry. And Jake, poor Jake. That is a worry. Poor guy, it must be so frustrating for him... and more worry for you.

    About Trump, I agree.
    The wedding, I agree too.

    Ah... I'm going backwards through your posts. So that was Skagit Valley. LOVE that place!

  9. You've had a big week, and I'm sure the island will be a welcome respite for you.

    Your mom sounds scared. My mom went through a lot of anger when she left her home and moved to a retirement community. It's the best move she's ever made. She's active, happy, and never home!!

    And you made me laugh with your comment about Trump! Did you happen to see the Press Roast? It was amazingly funny.


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