Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Historic Steilacoom, Washington

In looking for Chambers Creek Park Sunday, we discovered this little park just north of Steilacoom.   Of course, we took advantage of a short beach walk.
The little ferry in the background runs between Steilacoom and Anderson Island. 

The mainline railroad tracks run right along the water here, and so, right by the park.  There is a pedestrian crossing with whistles and lights.
We left this little park to go find what we were seeking, as I showed yesterday.  Then we returned to Steilacoom for a late lunch at Jake's Bar and Bistro. 

I had a Diet Coke and Tom had water, but I'm sure they have lots of good beer. 
This looks like and inviting dining deck for a warm summer day, but not today. 

Steilacoom is the first incorporated town in Washington Territory, officially a town since 1854.  The name comes from the local Indian tribe, and the location was to serve as a place to ship logs from the Puget Sound area to San Francisco.

This old drug and hardward store is now an eatery.  It was closed, but I would love to come back for tea.

This monument marks the site of the first protestant church north of the Columbia River.

In the distance is the area we explored earlier, with the golf course and the meadow.
 Old house dated 1858.
Bandstand overlooking the sound. 
 The Amtrack heading north.

 I would love to garden here!

 Town Hall
 The Wagon Shop is part of the historical museum.

The home of the owner of the wagon shop and blacksmith, and part of the museum.
It was a fun day, full of nature and discovery and history. That's my idea of a good adventure.


  1. Not to mention some really great photos of Steilacoom, a historical treasure! Thanks, Linda, for letting me come along on the trip... :-)

  2. What a beautiful place to visit...the water is so blue!

  3. I like the garden(s), too! Looks kind of bleak, compared to Hawaii, though.

  4. Linda,
    What a quaint little place you've shown us. I love little towns with all the history and old buildings; the houses are beautiful especially the green one :)
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Enjoyed the very picturesque town!

  6. I love museums and exploring new places.

  7. You made my day. Honestly, you did. I needed to see a quaint place blooming with springtime colors despite the gloomy looking skies.

    I too would love to garden there. The houses were just wonderful. The views of the sky and water framed by the bright green were a treat for the eyes. Your photos were so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You live in such a beautiful area, Linda. This is truly a quait, fun place to visit.

  9. Had a hard time getting to this blog -- have no idea why -- had to go back to my list and click from there???

    I'm glad I persisted -- this is a wonderful place and as always, your photos are expert.


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