Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look What I Found!

I got my sewing projects finished this morning and noticed two rare situations:  I had time on my hands and it was SUNNY!

I grabbed my layers of fleece (it's only 42) and my camera and spent the next hour in the garden, looking to see what I could find. 
I found my shadow!
 I found blue sky!
I found the rambling rose leafing out and creating a green tree where the cherry leaves are yet to unfold.
I could tell the time on the sundial!
The first tulips are showing a hint of color.
 Camellias have survived the rain.
 Violets!  My mother's namesake.
 Pulmonaria in pink.
 Bleeding heart
Grape hyacinths.
Red flowering currant, a native.

Brunnera 'Jack Frost"
Red pulmonaria

Mouse plant.  The 'mice' hide in the foliage.   See their long tails.
 An early rhododendron

Pulmonaria in blue.
Pansies in planters.

The exotic red trillium has multiplied and will open soon.  The native white trillium are still bright white. They will fade to pink/purple soon.

A red corydalis
Hostas ready to unfurl.
Native Oregon grape will soon be attracting bees.

After I came in for lunch it clouded over and we had a shower, but now it's brightening up again.
The smiles continue.


  1. Oh, if only. Loved seeing the flowers where you are, at least.

  2. nice to see all those flowers. Daffodil shoots are poking up through the snow here.

  3. Holy mackeral, Linda!! So far I have one purple and one white crocus in bloom...some daffodils in the process...lots of birds, though.

  4. I loved this tour of your garden. You must be so excited.

    Mouse plant, never heard of it, looks strange.

    I'm like you, every time I see the sun I dash outside to soak it in.

  5. So many flowers! Love the little yellow ones under the sundial. Your lovely bleeding heart makes me wonder if mine survived and will grow - I haven't seen it come up yet.

  6. Yay! We got sun here, too. I feel so much better with a little of the sunny rays, even though it's windy and cold out there, it's also sunny! In class today the sun came through the windows and the instructor asked us what it was, it's been so long. Sun? Yayyy!

  7. We spent a week in the sun in Santa Fe. Lots of sun, but my skin is cimpletely parched. Just landed in Seattle and actually looking forward to a little moisture.

  8. lots the variety of bright colors and blooms in the sunshine...spring is sprining where you's sprung here-leaves are out

  9. Holey Moley, Linda! I'm surprised you're not dancing all over the place. Your camera and artistic eyes are amazing! Everything looks spectacular. Your pictures made me want to jump for joy. The light and color... WOW! Your mother's name is Violet? So is mine! No kidding... or do we know that already? I have bad short term memory. Your garden is just fabulous! I just don't have enough adjectives.

  10. Looks great! I can tell you love flowers. lol. Glad you had sun today.

    Over here in Hawaii, it's overcast and cool. There was supposed to be a bad thunderstorm (even snow and hail), but so far, nothing where I live. There might be rain in other parts of Hawaii, though.

  11. Late this afternoon we've had reports of rain, thunder and lightning, hail and snow. Crazy weather.

  12. I smiled as soon as I saw your shadow! I envy you for the types of flowers that you can grow. I am enjoying my daffodils and even the grape hyacinths, but they are surrounded by dry, dry, things that have not yet bloomed.

    The rain must be dreadful when it does not stop, but it brings such color and such beauty. We have had no moisture at all for months.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is great with all the colors. You helped me identify a flower I've been seeing this past week while I've visited my mom. They're clearly primroses.

  14. What a lovely walk through your yard. It is looking just beautiful, an indicator of all your hard work and love for beauty. HAPPY SPRING! By the way, your new header is adorable. ~karen

  15. Wow you all are really doing a lot of blooomin'!!!

    The mice plant is quite interesting. Is it not amazing what a little sun can do for our spirits? The subjects of your photos are twice as beautiful! And look at that blue sky!!

  16. Really beautiful! Another amazing garden year.

  17. If spring hasn't arrived there yet Linda it can't be far away. Nice and interesting plant photos. I found that mouse plant interesting - Dave

  18. Linda,
    those are so pretty...the bleeding hearts are one of my favorites; the sahpe is so cool!
    I'm glad you could enjoy the sunshine; hurray for the sun!!!

  19. Oh finding your shadow is an exciting thing here too. but we don't have anywhere near the color that you have...lovely...Michelle


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