Monday, April 25, 2011

Home, Sweet Home?

We had a fun family gathering yesterday in Fort Morgan with Corey's family.     
We shared lots of yummy food around this colorful table.

With good food, good company, and no rain (or snow) for the Easter egg hunt, it was a good day.

Spring is finally arriving in Eastern Colorado and the pansies we planted are looking perky.  The lovely crab apples that do so well there are bursting into bloom.

Jake, Tom and I flew home late last night, arriving at the house about midnight.  Today we are back to cold rain.  And yet everything is green and bursting with color outside.  Maybe tomorrow we'll catch a sun break.

Today I have been busy putting things away, downloading pics, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and generally catching up with things here at home.

And I passed the weigh in test this morning - no weight gain!

Now if it will just stop raining!


  1. What a colorful table, Linda! And Jill looks so tall compared to the others in that picture. Glad you had a good time in Colorado with family. Always a winner.

  2. From all your photos I would say you guys had a terrific visit and a wonderful, colorful Easter! And it's always great to get home again! Hope your week goes well! Enjoy!


  3. Glad you made it safely home. It looked like a wonderful visit and I am loving that colorful table.

  4. You did better than I did after being with family, but I've lost what I gained and am now hoping to lose a couple more, but I'm not too worried.

    I just love that table setting, it could not have looked more appropriately Easter-ish. And welcome home!

  5. congrats on no weight gain-that's an accomplishment especially after a vacation. looks like a fun time...

  6. That table looks so festive!!

    Welcome home!!

  7. What a beautiful Spring table, set for Easter dinner.
    Welcome home, I'm sure your garden is anxious for your attention.

  8. Linda, a very fine crew you got there! I loved seeing your family! and about those purple glasses, now those I could really enjoy at my table!

    I love all your beautiful colors and cheers to greenery!
    Yeah, for your WW results after a holiday weekend. My son has a track meet tongiht so I won't make it to WW to weigh in but I haven't been good at tracking this week!

  9. wonderful family portrait
    and a really pretty table

    welcome home

  10. I love your colorful table setting!

  11. That is such an awesome family photo, Linda. I love all your photos. That is a beautiful table with all the festive colors. Yae spring!


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