Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip, Day Three: South Dakota to Nebraska

This morning dawned clear and cold, 16 when the sun came up in Keystone, SD, but it warmed up fast to about 50.

We began our day by returning to Custer State Park, a huge reserve in the Black Hills.  We drove the Iron Mountain Road to the Wildlife Drive, hoping to see some wildlife.  We did!

Wild turkeys.
Prong horn, which are actually all over the place, as are white tailed deer.  After all, we are where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.

Yep, the buffalo / bison roam freely.
And the prairie dogs play,
 along with the deer.
 We did see a coyote too, but he was to elusive for a photo.

Leaving Custer State Park, we were on parkland for Wind Cave National Park.
This is the fourth largest cave in the world, or so far as we know, of those that have been explored.  And this one may be only about 20% mapped. It is called Wind Cave because it was discovered because of the wind blowing out of a hole in the ground.
This hole, here below Ranger Mike.  And this was the entrance until one was cut to allow people like me to enter.  I had a door, and a tunnel enlarged so I could walk in, which is the only way you would get me into a cave.
We walked down a lot of steps, but had an elevator to take us back up at the end.
 It was an interesting tour, in a cave unlike others I have toured.

Our next stop was Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD, a National Natural Landmark.  This is an active dig and research center enclosed over the sedimented remains of a sink hole/pool.  Probably because it provided water and grass on it's edges, but was rimmed with slippery rock, it became a natural trap for large animals who fell in and couldn't get out.  Many, even most of these victims were mammoths.

 This was a cool place which we had virtually to ourselves!
 Welcome to Nebraska!

 The last stop I'll show you today is in Alliance, Nebraska - Carhenge!
Don't ask me why.  Some guy just needed something to do with old cars, I guess.
Tonight we are in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.  Tomorrow we will be exploring the Oregon Trail and some of the monuments here that were landmarks for the pioneers.


  1. What a fantastic trip you're having! Terrific! I'm really enjoying your photos, they're wonderful as always! I do love the Oregon Trail and look forward to your next post! Have a great time -- and it looks as though you are!!


  2. Cool pics! Looks like a really interesting trip.

  3. You are having a wonderful trip with so much to see...stay safe and have a good time with lots of photos.. Michelle

  4. glad it warmed up for you. i was intrigued by the cave. good to know it didn't cave in on you.

  5. Wow! This is all new stuff! We've never seen any of this and won't be, on our June trip. I'm just going to enjoy what you're seeing. I wish we could go to the Mammoth site. What fun!

  6. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you Linda. Lots of amazing photos of places I have heard of but never seen. Now I have thanks to your fascinating photos. Carhenge was specially interesting- Dave

  7. great animal photos especially the turkey. you've found some fun sites to see. fascinating...

  8. I had heard of "Carhenge" but never saw it before. Great pictures! That Nebraska sky... nothing quite like it.

  9. I have never been to Nebraska, pretty flat--the only kind of place where I would bile ride. I am really enjoying your photos. Not everyone is cut out for these kinds of road trips.

  10. The mammoth museum looks great. I love the prong horn photo, I didn't see any when I visited the US and I would have loved to. Maybe next time :)

  11. I love following along on these adventures you are on. The photos are great but I especially love the prairie dog. Can't wait to see the next post.

  12. I've managed to find your blog just now; I live in SD so it's neat to see the area thru someone else's eyes. :o) I've always said if I had to live in a city, Seattle would be one of my top 3 choices, love visiting there. Real nice blog!

  13. You photo journal is recording a very interesting trip. There are all kinds of interesting things to see up there. I was struck by how fluffy and fat the prairie dog looked. The ones I see are skinny and not so fluffy.

    It looks like the weather is cooperating with you. You will have a great time following the Oregon Trail.

  14. Your trip is exciting Linda. I've never been to South Dakota and hope to one day. Quite an adventure you're having and your photos are great.

  15. I like the picture of the wild turkey and the prairie dog. I also like your camera.

  16. I'm with you about the cave thing -- get a little claustrophobic...

    That mammoth site is really neat!!! And the wild turkey is amazingly good looking... Who'd have thought?

  17. Thanks for giving us the tour especially the mamoth site, at least we didn't feel claustrophobic, haha. But that carhenge is really amusing!


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