Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Purse

Last week I sent Irene the rainbow dress and matching purse I made for her for her birthday and Easter.  She and Isaac loved unwrapping the box and examining the contents.  The purse put them over the top, and Isaac ended up in tears. I had loaded the purse with a little rainbow note pad, several mechanical pencils and some brightly colored sticky notes.

"Look at all the things you can carry!", he said.  He wanted a purse too!

And so I told him I would make him a "man purse".  I put it together this morning, using some fabric left over from making Sounders flags.

I made it the size to carry a small sketch book. Isaac loves to draw and is quite good at it. There are a new set of markers, some mechanical pencils, a pen and some sticky notes in blue and green.
And there will be a new sketch book for Irene too, to go with her other tools.  I aim to please.  I will take these things with me when we fly to Denver Friday morning, along with a bunch of other surprises. 

We will be in Colorado for Irene's 6th birthday as well as Easter, with a little road trip during the week in between.  I'm sure glad the government didn't shut down.  We have several National Parks and National Monuments on our itinerary.
In other news, we are disappointed here in Seattle that we did not get a space shuttle for our Museum of Flight, located at the original Boeing plant.  We are building a new building which would have held a shuttle.  It will be devoted to space flight, and display our space capsule, moon lander, Sky Lab, and lots of other stuff. Former Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar is the museum director and has worked hard to get a shuttle for Seattle.  We will get a full size shuttle trainer, which is a shuttle cabin without the wings, so we're not completely left out.

It's partly sunny today and the temp is finally above 50, so I'm going for a walk this afternoon instead of working out on the stationary bike.  I may come limping back, but I'll get my Vitamin D!


  1. You have got to be the best grandma ever. If I were a child I'd want you for my grandma.

  2. What a lovely grandmother you are Linda. This is a very handsome 'man bag' and he will be delighted with it and all its contents.

  3. You do realize that every kid in the block is going to be wishing and crying for a grandma like you! You put me to shame. I need to get my act together.

  4. Will you be my grandma? Please, please, please? You make such lovely gifts for your grandchildren. The man purse is just perfect!

  5. AWWW - that's so sweet about Isaac! And that purse is so expert-looking!

    We took a page out of your book and visited Joshua Tree when we were out West. It was terrific!

  6. Wonderful! You are so creative and talented!

  7. How cute. You are such a thoughtful and kind grandmother.

  8. This is one of the best of that genre I've seen so far---and living in NYC, I see a lot. Nicely chosen. May he keep everything from pocket knives to lip gloss (er, chapstick) and more all in that stylish space.

  9. what a fun idea-a man purse-you'll start a new rage!

  10. You are a dream grandma Linda, the things you make your grandchildren! Well done. Your Museum of flight sound fantastic. Do you have any photos? - Dave


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